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Videos by Dreamer4ever(Jennifer)

Dreamer Kisses!(All of them!)
We Haven't Turned Around by Gomez

Shiri's Interview with Rosie O'Donnell!

Season 1 Gag Reel!

Here's Shiri's interview on Craig Kilborn thanks to Gabby!
In the meantime check out the Caps!

Dreamers say Farewell!
Don't Miss it!

Dreamers' Bill of Rights!
by Alexis!

457 Reasons
(Updated 5/16/02)

Max and Liz are Perfect for Each other!

See and Read about Celeste's visit with the Roswell Cast!
Report Part 1 Report Part 2
Report Part 3 Report Part 4
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Editorials by the keeper of theDDD!
Updated May 26, 2002

The Trial of Jason Katims!
Scripted by StarMonkey2000

Who are our Dreamer Visitors
from other Countries?

Updated January 2, 2002

History of the Kiss
by Snow_White

Liz's Importance to the Alien Mythology Primer!

Thank You!
a fan fic by Maggie
Max and Liz at Age 11


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Complete Transcript of UPN TCA Q&A
held 7/16/01

An Edited for Spoilers Version
is now available!

Pic of the Month for February!


Max Evans Wins Presidency!

What is SPT?

Dreamer Anti-Stress Diet!

End of the World Survival Items!

The Denim Chronicles!

Meet Jason!