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Celeste Talks
about her visit with
the Cast of Roswell

We met the Alloy party organizers in the Jazz loft at the Double Tree Hotel and they gave ME my poster, script, and photograph of the band so I could take it back up to my room, which I did. Then they gave us our passes to the party and told us about what to expect. They then told us that we couldn't bring cell phones which left me feeling NAKED, but I was okay with that. With me I did take a backpack with pictures, the reviews, the DDD dreamer list, and magazines that the cast had been in. I also brought Sandman's poem book!

When we boarded the bus that took us to Paramount I was nervous, but after we got off and they started us on the tour (they split up the forty into two groups) and we entered the sound stage and it had Liz's bedroom well needless to say I started getting giddy again. I was being very quiet at first but these girls were screaming and acting as though they knew the show better than me and well I couldn't let that happen so I asked out tour guide who was OMG a sweetie, about different things about the show, like if Shiri could fit through the window okay, which I knew she could, but still. He said yes, and then while I was taking a pic of her desk, a lady passed by me and made me lose my balance so I fell backwards in a sitting position on to Liz's bed...the tour guy looked at me and laughed and I shot up. I then looked at the bed again and I noticed the bedspread was different. I asked him about it, asking if they had changed it. He looked at me confused and was like..."I don't know, maybe" I was like "Yeah they changed the bedspread. When was this?" These other girls realized I was right and they're like "yeah she's right". The tour guy asked me if I was a huge fan and I was "YES"

Then we walked around to the balcony and I of course started asking more questions, spitting out the titles of the show, and what happened in different scenes. I also started noticing signs they had used in prior episodes like south 285, and the whole Sultan's inn (or something like that) and I was like "OMG, that's the whole thing from the hotel M&M stayed in, you know 'The Porno version of Aladdin'. They were all amazed I knew that and Rick told me he wasn't around last season so he wasn't familiar with it. He took us to Michael's apartment where I saw the bike, as well as the Valenti house. I started talking to Rick and he was asking me how I knew about spoilers because every time he would start to talk about the recent episode being taped I would cut in and tell him "oh yeah I already knew that. That's when...." and he would look at me in amazement. Then he asked me how I knew about everything, and I told him I was a moderator for a Roswell board on a huge Roswell website, he then asked me if I visited Crashdown.com! I laughed and told him THAT WAS THE WEBSITE! He was amazed at how much info we had. He basically stuck by me the rest of the tour and we talked about the show, the cast, and he basically told me professional stuff. He was also amazed at how I knew about Vasquez rocks and such.

He told me that we had to exchange e-mails because he wanted info. He was the one who told me about Jason and his quitting smoking. Not to mention I got a pic of a note left for cast and crew in the kitchen of the Crashdown about how they are no longer allowed to smoke in between shifts and/or scenes. Maybe that's why Jason quit? LOL

Okay Rick walked with me and told me that the cast was great, he loved Shiri, and that Nick was a funny and great guy to work with. He said Jason was a very nice upstanding guy. I also met a woman who LOVES Adam and when Rick asked me what I thought about Jesse and Isabel this season...I told him that we shouldn't go there. He laughed and told me, "You hate them?" I told him not Jesse, just Isabel. We need to see less of her. He laughed and then took us to the Ramirez home, which BTW is a small apartment and there is a wedding pic of J&I and of the cast in the weddding pic, Rick laughed when I told him I had the pic in my bag. He was like "OMG, I haven't even seen all the pictures, how do you have them?" I told him that it's easy. LOL

We finally ended our tour at the party, we saw other paramount stuff that I tried to get into but sorry I couldn't, It was boring. Give me Roswell or give me death.

So we arrived at the party and it was fun. We knew that the cast was coming so we were excited. I hooked up with these girls who were familiar with FF and so they stuck with me. I talked to Rick most of the beginning of the night. He kept hugging me and I swear he was sweet enough to kiss. Not to mention he was telling me when cast members were arriving. LOL

He wanted to know more about what I knew. He was blown away by me that he was introducing me to production people and I met Jonathan Frake's assistant, who told me he couldn't be there that night, but told me that he was a great guy and tall. They were all so sweet to me.

Finally Shiri was the first to arrive. When someone told me she was there I was OMG in shock. I saw her and she looked like any body else. She was small though, but not to me, she was my height EXACTLY. I approached her and introduced myself, apologizing to her for bothering her and she told me it was okay. She smiled and we took a pic together. I then showed her the pic of her with her camera we got off the spoiler board, and well I hope no one minds I printed it out and showed it to her but she was in shock that I had it. She told me that she was running around that day with her camera and was windblown. LOL I told her about BigSpam (The best Roswell photographer) and showed her the other pics I had. She was laughing and asked where I got them and I told her I was a Roswell moderator and she smiled at me. "Yeah I post there once in a while. I can't seem to get on lately. It keeps asking me for my register info and when I put it in, it doesn't recognize me." I of course apologized to her for that, and told her she should really check out her board and she told me since she can't her parents do it for her and tell her about it all the time. She told me she wasn't that great at comps, but that it's so important since our generation is so well informed on how to use them. I told her she was gorgeous and that she was so small but that I was happy because I am the same way. It's rare to meet someone of the same stature as you on television, she laughed and told me she was wearing high heels and I told her I was too. We lifted our pant legs and showed each other our shoes. We laughed and I hugged her and got a picture of us together. It doesn't end there I did have about four or five encounters with her!


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