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Celeste Talks
about her visit with
the Cast of Roswell

Part Four

Okay so it's taken me forever to even finish this but oh how people have astounded me with e-mails and PMs asking me to finish and tell all about my encounter with Katherine Heigl....(And YOU Newsletter subscribers are the first to see it!)

Okay so where did I leave off last?...Ahh yes I had talked to Shiri before she left and if I hadn't mentioned it before, she looked awesome and was the sweetest person I have ever met. She also has great hair which I did not neglect to mention. I told her she shouldn't cut it, it's gorgeous! And so then after that I decided I had to mingle and watch the people as they interacted....it was funny because that guy who I later realized was one of the nerdy villains from Buffy was at the party, it was the hair that gave him away. LOL! Terra and I were laughing because it was so funny to see him. Anyway, we decided to sit back and watch everyone, I had met basically everyone except Katherine who had walked in about twenty or thirty minutes after Jason did, yes they arrived separately because it was heard that Jason had offered to drive Shiri home.... I had even watched the two interact earlier that night and have to say they were nothing short of amazing. You know that feeling you get when you sit down and watch season one tapes of Roswell and are in awe of the way M&L just look at one another and smile? Well try seeing that and experiencing that with the two people right in front of you....WOW! Enough said. CHEMISTRY does not even begin to express how wonderful it is.

Okay so after that I was feeling really good, except for the embarrassing moment I had when I asked Shiri and Jason to sign the ice skating picture....I had accidentally left a picture of KH in the pile and when I saw it, I threw the picture across the room to where our table was, and profusely apologized to Shiri, telling her I didn't want her to sign that picture! It was yucky. Jason just kind of laughed because he was watching me, nervously do that and then throw the picture. Shiri got a kick out of it too, I believe.

But then I realized that it could be misconstrued if I didn't get KH's autograph and so about fifteen minutes after she entered wearing a yellow ribbed turtleneck sweater, and I believe black leather pants. I believe, Yes her hair was slicked back-(not a good look)... I walked up to her and asked her if I could have her autograph, YES I did pick up the picture off the floor. She didn't really even look at me, just signed and after she handed me back the pen and I said thank you (because my mother did teach me to be courteous) I said "oh great." I turned around and said "Now where is Shiri?" I don't think she appreciated that last comment considering she just walked away from me.

Okay ...so I had gone through the whole cast, I had even met production people.... all I had left were the writers, I took note of the table where the writers were...but didn't want to approach Ron Moore, he kind of scared me. I did wind up talking to JK who I believe was a little more than afraid of me...or seemed like it. I told him I was a Dreamer and that I didn't really appreciate season two, okay I hated it. I also told him that we want more of what season 1 was like, he agreed. He signed a few things for me and thanked me for watching the show. Before I left him though, I handed him a card (the size of a business card) that Pam had made to give to him, with the DDD logo and he actually asked me if it was his to keep and if he could have another...I said sure and gave him the other card in my hand. So far everyone got one, Jason, Shiri, and JK....the only one who didn't was KKB. He didn't deserve it with his comment about M&L and the sex. "Of course they'll have sex, don't you want them to?" And his whole safe sex statement, a little more than I wanted to know.

Anyway....the party didn't last long after the actors left. Shiri was first, than Maj and Brendan,(YES TOGETHER) and Bill and Nick, and then Jason....ooh but before Jason left he was standing talking to someone. I feel sorry for whoever he was talking to because I basically butted in.LOL! I tapped him on the shoulder and told him I heard he had stopped smoking...OMG! Wrong thing to say, considering I got what I call the "stalker look." He must have thought I was one. I told him that Rick had told me and he laughed and gave me that smile that I would just die to see again and said "Not really quit, more like took a break." I did something else, very embarrassing and patted him on the stomach. YES I TOUCHED THE ABS!!! And said good for him! And that I was proud, he just laughed...the guy is good at not making a girl feel stupid...no wonder women love him.;) After that I felt I should say something intelligent and show some interest in his talent so I mentioned his movie "THE SHIPPING NEWS". He was really happy to talk about that and I asked him if he liked Nova Scotia. He asked me if I had read the book. Now I could have said yes but in the event he asked me a question pertaining to it I told the truth and said no, but that I knew of it and heard that it was a great book...THANK YOU MY ENGLISH PROFESSOR!! He smiled and told me Nova Scotia was small but the people were nice and that the town they filmed in was just like in the book. I asked him what it was like to work with Dame Judy Dench and Kevin Spacey. He said they were wonderful and that they were wonderful people to work with. He then turned to the guy next to him and asked him when the movie came out and at the same time we both answered December 25th. It's not my fault, I had been reading about it on the board, I told him I couldn't wait for it to come out because it looked like a good movie. I then reduced myself to a stalkerish fan by next asking him about the choice of boxers he wore in Busted! He told me those were his and I couldn't help but laugh and he said, no, just kidding. They were the only ones available. I soon left Jason knowing if I didn't I would probably be asked to remove myself from his presence at some point. hehe...but when I saw him leaving I realized there was one more question I had always wanted to ask him. I ran up behind him and bowed my head when he turned around and I apologized for bothering him yet again and he looked towards the door like it was his last escape and then looked down at me and said it was okay, asking me what the favor was. I know it was a silly question but I wanted to know what kind of cologne he wore....well he hesitated. I think he was uncomfortable considering the fact that he repeated my question back to me, that's never a good sign, and then he scratched his head a bit and smiled and said...actually I don't wear cologne, I wear body oils. Okay I was no longer a human being but a puddle of mush. I said thank you and he walked away saying goodbye...

The night didn't end of course, the party continued and I met this guy, John I believe his name was who was from Michigan...the Detroit area to be exact and who I of course just migrated too since he knew where Canton Was...and of course my sweetie was from there so we ended up talking to him and his brother and went back inside after grabbing the free CDs and ROswell paraphernalia. We watched poor rhythmless people dance and so ended our night. That's all folks for more in depth questions, please feel free to E-mail me! I'm willing to answer all questions at this point.:)BTW, sorry for all the icky typos.

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