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Celeste Talks
about her visit with
the Cast of Roswell

Part Three

Okay after I finished with Shiri I went ahead and tried to get to Nick, who BTW is the sweetest thing on the face of this earth, not to mention HILARIOUS!! He had me cracking up the whole time. He was signing autographs and making everyone laugh so he was busy, so I saw Bill Sadler enter-went straight to him. I told him I was a fan, which I am. SO I professed my undying fandom (LOL), we got a picture and thus ended that. He heard Shiri was around and wanted to know where she was, he found her and hugged and kissed her. It was cute. He looked like her was her dad. SO then Adam Rodriguez entered. Everyone just about wondered who he was, but I went to him and he hugged me...okay I feel for him (sorry Gale) I just couldn't help it. He was in a leather jacket and wearing all black. DAMN I wanted to scream when he spoke because well he was cute. IT could have been the bad lighting, I don't know. But I ended up asking him about his speaking Spanish and he spoke in Spanish telling me he spoke a little but not very well. I told him he was doing great. He laughed and we took a picture together, he signed the cast wedding picture for me and then I asked him for a favor. He said sure, I told him that he had to PLEASE tell the writers to stop allowing KH to say the word "latino" that it was bad and that we could all tell he was "latino" that or have her used the damn word "Hispanic" He was like "Oh I know, but she's not saying it anymore, did you notice?" I said yes but that still, I also told him that we needed to see more of him, with out KH. That it would work out better for everyone. He laughed, and he wasn't insulted. Because later that night before he left he said goodbye, not to mention, he hugged me at the bar. LOL.

After Adam I moved on to Nick. I had to meet nick, so I caught up with him and he signed my picture of him, which was sweet, and then we got to talking about singing, and how talented Bill was, and Majandra and how Jason sucked. LOL He couldn't help but rag on Jason, and he let me in that Bill was going to be singing in future episodes and that some of the songs were written by him. We laughed at Nick he was so causal, sandals and all and he laughed at me because I was obsessive, but other than that he was cute and funny.

SO then I knew I had to move on back to Bill, who was not three feet away, so I asked Bill about what Nick had said, and he laughed and told me he and Majandra may be doing a duet together in an upcoming episode, he said she was a talented girl, and I agreed, but that I wanted to know about his song writing. HE said that the last two songs on To Have and TO hold were his. He wrote them and that he's looking forward to doing more. We talked about Fan forum the first time I met him and he told me he had just been on the board the night before. He checks them frequently. But then he got into his hair, whether we like his hair now or the way it was in the season pictures. We agreed unanimously it's better now, so he mentioned in the autograph that he was growing his hair out just for me...He's so cute and sweet. *sigh*

During the time we were with Nick, Brendan had arrive but we waited till he made his way into the party, so after my convo with Bill my friend Terra and I made out way to him. He signed out pictures, and I asked him about his tattoos, his surgery and he was nice. I felt like he was one of my brother's friends. He was very down to earth and when I took the picture with him, I told him I was afraid to her him because of his stitches. He told me he felt fine, and that there were no stitches, he took them out, I asked him if he had taken them out or a doctor, he said himself. Needless to say that was an "ewww" moment.

Okay so me and Terra went on a search for Majandra who arrived fifteen minutes after Brendan. We found her walking in but she was asked to talk to one of the execs because she sat with him for a long time, and then she walked back outside. When she came in she found Shiri and they started laughing and I caught them holding hands. They really are friends I can't even begin to tell you, I felt like I was watching to very old best friends interacting. Next thing I know I am taking pictures of the two. I still couldn't' talk to Majandra but when she had sat down with the execs Terra and I were spying her Tattoos, She has a cross on the lower portion of her back and then another tattoo that went further down, she was wearing hipsters so when she sat down you could see the tattoos. Finally Jason arrived. Rick told me he was there but he wasn't inside so we waited with Rick who told me he would introduce me even though he didn't know Jason all that well. So while we waited Jason was talking to some girls and Letty was all over with them, but I stayed behind. I wanted to approach him from a different angle, I wanted to introduce myself and talk to the man. I went back to our table with Terra and when I did there was this guy sitting at our table and he was laughing at us, because we were so excited. I kept telling him that I was a dork, and that I knew that, but he just said no, and asked why I thought he thought that, I explained to him that I knew it was nothing but a TV show and that these were just actors and human beings like everyone else but that I was a big fan, and he told me "see that's okay, you're having fun" Well Needless to say before I met Jason this guy and I got into an argument about who was a dork, he was calling himself a dork and so was I, Finally I met Jason because I was pulled into this circle of where he was, by Letty and I introduced myself. Afterwards I had to inform him that I knew Cathi, and that she was an MOB, OMG he got the biggest, hugest most adorable smile on his face and he was like" I know them, do you have a tatoo?" He grabbed my arm and tried to pull my sleeve up. I just about died and told him no, unfortunately not. He was like "Okay" he laughed and then took a picture with me. Prior to attacking him, the girls I mean, he had been standing there playing PS2 with Brendan, hence the picture of them together. So then I got a hug from him and we took the picture, and before he ran off I asked him for a favor, he didn't quite hear me and leaned down, well the next thing he knew I had pecked him on the cheek. HEHE he stood up and the words that came out of his mouth.."Whoa" LOL He started cracking up so did I, and everyone else that was in the circle around him, it turned out he was going to ask me what I had said, and so I apologized to him and he rubbed my back and told me not to worry about it. I can honestly say now, I can die happy. BTW his cheek was smooth, his five 0'clock shadow was apparent in those pics but the skin is as smooth as a baby's bottom, I SWEAR!!!

After that I asked Jason for one more favor and he agreed, to take a picture with Shiri together, he said he was going to look for her and when he found her they would look for me and so I could get the picture. I had told him I had already asked her permission, which I had. I had found her sometime during that night and asked her and she said yeah when Jason arrived she would. She asked if he was here, and Rick told her yeah that he just got word he had arrived. Hehe so she said of course.

Finally I went back to my table, satisfied. LOL I again encountered the guy who asked me if I was happy. I said yes. So terra and I sat down and we were talking about Majandra, she was a big fan. We talked about how we hadn't spoken with her, but she told me that she loved her music, we got to talking about her musical attributes and I turned to the guy next to me and he was like "yeah she's great, her music I mean" It turned out he was Anthony Rodriguez, her music producer. We started laughing because I told him "you're the guy in all her interviews who got the website started and everything" He laughed and we got to talking about her site, her music and how he was there to do PR, something he wasn't doing. I told him I'd be glad to help. HE gave me some cards with info on Maj's new CD. and told me Maj had more in her bag. He called her over and Majandra was talking about Brendan laying the damn PS2 again and how he traumatized her at the PS2 party that one time. When He told her he needed some cards for me, Majandra looked at me and asked me "Are you Celeste?" I answered yes, VERY SUPRISED, it turned out she had talked to our Fan Forum administrator Lisa before she left and Lisa told her to keep her eye out for me. She had been looking for me all night. SFOL!!

She sat down and started talking to me, and I asked Anthony if it was okay to speak Spanish or ask her to, he told me to just start speaking Spanish otherwise she wouldn't' appreciate it. So I did, next thing I know we're having a conversation about her Spanish accent, Venezuela, and about her friendship with Shiri. She was so great. I really have to say she's down to earth, I felt like I was speaking to a friend of mine. Afterwards she told me she had to go find Shiri, and I told her I was actually going to go look for her because I wanted to get a pic of her and Jason together, so Majandra told me she would get her for me. She told said, "See what you did? You get me speaking Spanish and I get so comfortable I can't stop" we laughed and next thing I know I find Jason and Shiri and they take a picture for me. At that time I also got them to sign that beautiful Ice Skating pic of M&L from the X-mas eppy. Earlier I had each of them sign the Dreamer list so they did a lot for me. We took three pics and then I let them go. Before Shiri left though, I told her I appreciated everything she had done, and told her that the fans were big lovers of Liz, and that to us she was the star of the show, her and Jason. And that no matter whom they tried to feature, she was the one we wanted to see. I told her that the Applesaucers with the variety ad meant everything, and we still wanted to see her because she's talented, smart, beautiful and natural. Everything that epitomizes what a person should be. She thanked me again and hugged me. Telling me that I was very sweet and to thank all the Applesaucers.

Okay I thought I'd be able to get it all into one more report but I guess not. Stay tuned for JK and KKB's thoughts...and My interaction with Katherine.:)


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