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Celeste Talks
about her visit with
the Cast of Roswell

Part Two

Well after the tour, Rick was laughing because I was telling him everything I had seen and had agreed to exchange e-mails with us (Letty and I) so we could keep in touch. I asked him about Jason and Shiri and the rumors and he assured me that they all got along great. When we headed into the party we were amazed by how great everything looked. They had the Sheriff's station sign (the neon one) hanging outside this tent they had set up outside the soul train studio. We walked in and everything was set up with tables, a mini bar, and food. The band was already there, not that I cared. LOL But then Letty and I met up with these girls who I had talked to earlier that night about being a moderator for FF, and about spoilers, and we ended up sharing a table with them. Letty and I started walking around. And next thing I knew someone mentioned Shiri had just arrived. I was floored by those words, so I grabbed the nearest photo of her I had and headed in her direction. Before she could sign I realized I needed a sharpie. BTW Shiri looked amazing. A black blouse/cow-neck, and gray pants, of course her tummy was behr, it looked so good. She was so my height which I adored. When I went back to our LA Promo coordinator I borrowed her sharpie and the next thing I knew I was running back to Shiri. I handed her the pen asked for her autograph and she signed her name and she looked at the pic and laughed. She told me that on that day she was "wind blown" because she was running around with her camera. She told me thank you, and I began a convo with her about her being killer cat and my being a mod, but not one of the mean ones but the nicer ones, because I was such a huge fan. So we talked about Fan Forum, I apologized for all the terrible rumors and she admitted she hadn't been able to get on lately with all the changes, it won't recognize her password, so she told me she's been trying none the less and that her parents get on for her. I told her about the Board just for her and she told me her parents frequent it and tell her all about it when she talks to them. I laughed and she told me she was not very good at computers. I admitted I was terrible too, that most of what I do is for fun, and not hard. At one point we laughed because I told her it was so great to have someone on television as short as I am. She told me that that night she was wearing tall heels so she seems taller. We lifted our pant legs and compared heels and laughed. She was so natural and was not even wearing hardly any make up. That wasn't the last time I talked to her, I talked to her twice after that. Or actually three times. LOL After that or rather during that time I saw nick enter but there were girls crowding him. I waited until the crowd dwindled and in the mean time I talked to Bill Sadler. HE and I talked about MommaC from FF and all about his site and how much he enjoys the fans. I told him he was sexy...SFOL He laughed at me. LOL HE thanked me of course but I told him that I know I was nuts but that I admired his work.

I talked to him after that when I got his signature and we talked about his hair. IT LOOKS SO MUCH BETTER!!! I got his autograph at that time. But after that I rant o Nick and he and I talked about Rita, from FF and him signing her chest a year or two ago. He asked me if that's what I wanted and I told him I wasn't that freaky; all I wanted was his signature on the picture. LOL we joked because Letty called me obsessive but he laughed. Then we laughed at Jason's singing, and at how great Bill was at singing. SO I ran over to Bill after I got Nick's photograph. Turns out Bill writes his own songs, the last two songs he and the band did in THATH, bill wrote them. We told him we wanted to see more and he let us know that he and Maj may be doing a duet in an upcoming eppy. He told us she was so talented and we agreed.

Finally Brendan arrived and he was a nice guy too. I actually didn't expect for him to be so THIN, he is SUPER thin, Gale I know you say he's always eating on camera and he is and guess what we found behind the counter in Michael's apartment? Popeye's chicken. REALLY!!!

This girl who was sharing my sharpie was star struck with BF and so I dragged her over and I got his autograph as well as talked to him about his surgery. HE said he feels great, and that he just took out his stitches the day before. I asked him if he had done it or the doctor and he said himself. I was like "ewww" he thought it was funny so I asked him about his tattoo (the metallica one) and he laughed and told me, I have many tattoos. LOL After he signed the pic he posed for a pic with me and I told him I didn't want to hurt him when he put his arm around me and he told me that I couldn't he was okay.

I moved on to Majandra after that. She came in and right away had to talk to one of the execs and so me and this girl Tara were admiring her tattoo that was on her lower back. It's a cross and then it goes down further. LOL Betcha no one has mentioned that. LOL

Well we ended up walking around and I Adam came in. I swear he looked good; all in leather...well a jacket anyway. Can I just say that I didn't like him much on the show and now that I've met him in person....MUCH better looking. He was so sweet he hugged me and put up with my whole spiel about KHo saying "Latino" one too many times, BTW he agrees. He was SOOO happy when she stopped using that word. I told him that he was cute and that much better looking in person, he laughed and then I asked him if he spoke Spanish He said "No muy bien, pero si, hablo un poco" and I told him "NO that's great" For those of you who failed Intro to Spanish, he said he doesn't speak it very well but that yes he does speak some Spanish. He had one of those great Latin voices...the kind that take you away to a deserted tropical islands and make you fantasize all these naughty things? Damn I actually took myself there twice, once with Jason and another time with Adam. LOL.

He signed the wedding pic, which he loved and asked where I got it. I told him off the Internet and he said it was cool. He also hugged me and then took a pic with Letty and me. After that I couldn't find Maj and so I skidaddled on over back to Shiri. I finally gave her the Dreamer list to autograph, which she did happily. I told her the names came from FF and most of them she could find on Ros1 and Her own board. She smiled and signed it and was then blown away when I handed her the Poem book by Sandman, provided by PAM. She looked through it and was blown away. She asked me if it was different people or just one person. I told her it was Ray's poetry and that he was a huge fan and wanted her to have it. Rick was there and asked her if it was weird to have things like this from fans. She said she loved it and that she really appreciated everything done by fans, but that what was weird was looking back at the pictures in the book, from a few years ago and how different she looks now, and she can think back to shooting those episodes or taking those pics at the beginning. I gave her the DDD car Pam provided and she looked at the picture. She looked at me and I told her the picture was from Sexual Healing and that it was my favorite episode. She smiled...a sly smile and said, yeah she remembered shooting that episode. I asked her if it was hard and she said "yeah, kind of, I mean you're kissing a friend and doing these intimate, personal things with him." I couldn't help but smile at this and she started laughing, almost giggling and she thanked me for it. I gave Rick the book and told him to give it to Shiri so she wouldn't have to hold it all night. LOL he said he would get it to her, definitely!!!


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