SPT - Declaration by Elliott in the aftermath of End 0f the World. The existence of a 'Sadistic Production Team' (whose members are comprised of Grand Executive Sadist Jason Katims, Chief Financial Sadist Kevin Kelly Brown, Ron Moore Powerful Newbie Sadist and, including but not limited to the writers and producers of Roswell and the professional sadists TPTB of The WB), is supported by the amazing number of posts disclosing extreme melancholia, sadness, tears and physical aches, e.g., migraines, bleary/puffy eyes, internal preoccupation/distraction, insomnia; due to viewing End of the World! The disclosure of unBEHRablycutes' constant mantra throughout the aftermath of End of the Word, "Damn you, Katims!" further documents and supports the 'SPT' concept, because of , as she states, 'that strange dichotomy of being so incredibly impressed with Shiri, Jason and JK's talents and caring toward this love story, to the polar opposite of hating JK for the messages he put out there, e.g. the 4 aliens must stay together for their powers to be the strongest (when WILL they ditch the bitch cuz the ho must go).' It is truly a 'sadistic production team' that creates such a moving, dramatic, involving episode that tears at the seams of our hearts and causes crushing, situational depression among Dreamers!