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Roswell Screen Caps

Season One - Gag Reel!

TheDDD is grateful to Rebecca Allen for parting with her 'gag reel' long enough to permit theDDD to create the caps and video clips!
Thank you Rebecca!

Download the Video Clip!

It runs about 5 minutes and 30 seconds!

Right Click Here!

The above is from Sexual Healing. (Do you know which scene?) Notice that Max is still looking at Liz as she turns to look at Maria. This was cut from the end of the scene.

The above is an out take from Heatwave - First Kiss. It's difficult to describe but it looks like when the kiss ends Liz or is it Shiri? does the 'all right' arm motion!

This from an out take of this infamous scene from Heatwave!
If you download the video clip you'll see that Jason is wide eyed pretending to look at uh well uh - check out the video!

The above is from a scene in SH I wish they hadn't cut! But I guess it was thought a bit too risque! Max sees Liz in the shower. That's all we got to see. But the scene goes on with Max being right next to Liz and hands her a towel. It appears as if he is going to kiss her - when yup you guessed it - Maria-interruptus! But - notice again how Max is still entranced with Liz even as she turns to look at Maria!