Dreamers Say Farewell and Remember Max and Liz!

'For they have always given us more than we ever could have imagined . . . . they were the wings on which we soared. '
paraphrased from words by Lotte Lehmann (1888 - 1976) German opera singer.

TheDDD has received some thoughtful, emotional emails from Dreamers over the last few weeks about Roswell and how life will be different now. Here is the place to share your thoughts with others. If you would like to share your thoughts and feelings please email!

To those who still dream...

A couple of weeks ago I asked myself just why I loved Roswell so much. I've always had a habit of analyzing myself and looking for reason in the things I cherish. Roswell has definitely been one of those things. Since I stumbled upon the show about a year ago, I've been instantly hooked. I became a die-hard dreamer the moment I witnessed Max's caring soul. It's hard being a hopeless romantic in this world full of divorces and what my mother blandly describes as, "compatibility." But Max and Liz have shown me just how alive soulmates and true love can be. They light up the screens, both television and computer, because as soon as I began watching their chemistry on TV, I realized that there's an even bigger world online. Tears from The End of the World turned into contented sighs when I read continuing stories online. I don't know the writers' real names or where they live, but I do know that they can turn the hopelessly unfixable into true destiny. Watching, reading, and just breathing Roswell has quickly become my life. My friends and family think I'm nuts to live in this fantasy world. "They're just actors, Laura," they tell me. And I have to explain again how I'm in love with Max Evans, and not Jason Behr. The shy Max Evans won over my heart. Scientific Liz Parker brought out so much hope in me, for I too, am a self-proclaimed science geek. I can only hope that someday I will meet my own Max.

So why do I love Roswell so much? Is it the similarities I see between myself and Liz Parker? Or the fact that the beautiful Max Evans could love someone like Liz? While these are all important factors, I thinks it's the lessons that this show stands for that connects with me so much. I also feel like the alien in Max, the person hiding behind secrets and fears. And it's the idea, the lesson, that with only a small amount of love and hope from someone, the world can seem so much brighter. It's the message that things may never go your way, that life may never progress the way you want it too, but with love, everything seems doable.

My real reason for writing this email, with Roswell already far gone from the television screen, is to thank the people who have kept Roswell alive. When my fragile heart aches during the day I can wrap myself up in fanfiction stories at night. I can still visit and cherish my favorite websites and watch my Roswell tapes. Thank you to everyone who still writes for Roswell. Thank you to all who keep their websites up. To all those who still think and believe in a Dreamer future. Thank you to everyone who keep the dream alive. Because we wouldn't be called Dreamers if we didn't hopelessly dream...

I wish you all the best, Dreamers, for all you have to do it keep dreaming,

Love, Laura S.

To my other dreamers,

I thank you all for the support of helping raise money for a third season, and the money that we still raise in hope of some type of reconnection with Max, Liz, and the gang! I will truly miss the show. It gave me something to look forward to every week, when my older sister and me would sit in front of the TV and share the moments that the gang had. I remember crying when I heard Maxs proposal and thinking to myself, " Wow! This is really it! This is the moment I've wanted to see for 3 years!" After watching the tape that I recorded of the last episode for the hundredth time, the words "twelve lifetimes" stays in my heart. I will never forget Roswell and the joy and happiness that it brought me! I got to know the characters and I could really relate to them. They gave me hope and the courage to act different and not care what people think because somewhere along the way I will find someone who will love my for being myself. The relationship between Max and Liz made me have the belief that there really are soul mates! It gives me the strength to go on and look forward to meeting my soul mate. I can only hope that I find one of the "Max" of the world! Someone caring and devoted and truly believes that no matter what, we are supposed to be together. I will always remember Roswell and the effect it had on me and my life. I don't think I will ever be the same! I still have nights when I go to the TV and turn it on and then I realize......its gone! I can only just wait until they put all the seasons on DVD or video. So once again, I thank all my fellow dreamers! And remember nothing is ever truly over until you can't remember it! Roswell will always be in our hearts! Never let it die!

I really grew up and learned what it felt like to LIVE!!

thank you,

To my fellow Dreamers,

There's so much to say and it seems there aren't enough words to say it in. First I just want everyone to know my appreciation to everything that you amazing people that are Dreamers have given me. This thread was a place for me to visit and have fun to pass the time between Roswell but it became so much more. It was a safe haven, a place to band together and laugh about the good times and cry over the bad times and hope for the better times. It is the place that people can unite in their love of two very special characters. I met 5 of my best friends through here and met countless others that have changed me for the better. I have seen fruit fly in a virtual world, watched as teddy Behr's came to life, observed gutterness in it's finest hour, and seen the power of friendship break all barriers. We've defended our couple, survived agonizing separations, rejoiced over joyous reunions, thrown parties , and just had an all out good time. We've made memories to last forever and stories that we'll still tell years from now. Friendships that will last and met people that are unique and amazing in their own right. From the artists, to the poets, to the thread mum, to the fruit fighters, to the gutter family, to the oldies, to the newies, to the dwarves, to the lurkers, to the Dreamers of Roswell, I salute and thank each and everyone of you for being who you are, amazing. Finally to Max and Liz who were brought to life through the chemistry and acting of Jason Behr and Shiri Appleby, I can honestly and truly say to you all I will never ever be the same and to you I will always be grateful.

Truly Dreaming,

(Carrie a.k.a. Gutter Sister, Pod Cousin, Off-Topic Moderator, Creator of Swim Behr, Member of LNCP, Gutter-Dwarf-in-training, Fruit Fighter Elite, Distributor of the Behrs, Dreamer)

I just want to say a special thank you to all the Dreamers of last summer, it was amazing and great. So many great nights I spent laughing at my computer screen, dodging parentals, finding fellow math haters, visiting with the morning crew and punching in for the late night shift, being taught the finer points of why school is important by Teacher Alexis, becoming a dwarf by Snow White and being trained in the art of gutterness by Hib, being dubbed the Off-Topic mod by Jaxie, falling in love with fan art, getting hit by fruit, discovering the fun of owning a shiny, metal bat, creating DOAR with *Peaches* and seeing inside jokes and great times be created. I will always consider that one of the best experiences I've had and it brought me to meet the most amazing people. Even though most of you are gone if you see this, know that you are missed and truly appreciated. I thank you and a very special thank you to Provence who has always been here, you're an amazing person and without you Cherishing wouldn't have been what it was. So long to this special place, I'll never forget it.

I can't believe it's over...

Roswell's cancellation will leave what many would consider an unproportional hole in my heart. Reading the farewells already posted here, I realized that there are so many people out there who feel the same. I knew we all loved it...now I really see how much. For me, the internet Roswell fan community was especially important because a lot of my friends don't watch Roswell and they didn't particularly want a scene-by-scene account of every episode.

I lived in England at the time Roswell started. (I now live in the States again.) So it was about January or so when Sky One started running ads for this new show, Roswell High. My friends and I were Buffy fans, myself only mildly so, and we were intrigued by the teasers run during Buffy. We all agreed to watch the premiere and see what we thought. I was hooked instantly by the romance of Max and Liz. What he felt for her and what he risked for her...I was in love. And I stayed in love, even through S2 and she-who-will-not-be-named. Like others who've written their farewells already, Max and Liz gave me a reason to believe in love and keep hope alive that soulmates exist. Roswell was my place to go where in the end the good guys beat the bad guys and everyone goes home happy and in love. I moved in between S1 and S2, and it was comforting to leave one place and come to another and still see Roswell every week.

Although I'm sad to see Roswell go, it is in a way fitting for me and where I am in my life right now. Like the Roswell gang, I'm a proud member of the high school Class of 2002, although my graduation is not likely to be as exciting as theirs. A lot of things in my life are changing right now. I'll be going to college in the fall, away from my family. I'm going from just below the Mason-Dixon line to the Midwest. It's almost as if Roswell's end is just another sign of the end of a chapter in my life...a bittersweet reminder that life goes on and changes every day.

I will always remember Roswell and Max and Liz fondly. Once a Dreamer, always a Dreamer. And so here is my tribute, stolen from Michelle Branch:

Of all the things I believed in
I just want to get it over with
Tears form behind my eyes, but I do not cry
Counting the days that pass me by

I've been searching deep down in my soul
Words that I'm hearing are starting to get old
Feels like I'm starting all over again
The last three years were just pretend

And I say
Goodbye to you
Goodbye to everything that I knew
You were the one I loved
The one thing that I tried to hold on to

I used to get lost in your eyes

It seems I can't live a day without you
Closing my eyes and you chase my thoughts away
To a place where I am blinded by the light
But it's not right

Goodbye to you
Goodbye to everything that I knew
You were the one I loved
The one thing that I tried to hold on to

And when the stars fall I will lie awake
You're my shooting star

I'm sorry this was so long, but it's straight from my broken Dreamer heart. Keep on Dreamin'!

Season 3

doesn't even begin here in the UK until Thursday June 6th @ 8pm. But my poor Dreamer heart has been mourning the loss of our show since May 14th. I've been hooked since the very start and even though at times I wondered what the heck TPTB were doing to Max and Liz i'm glad that finally we got to I DO!!! It's amazing the things the show has made me feel during it's 3 seasons and I can't imagine another story being able to move me as much as this one. I can express how much i'm gonna miss Max, Liz and gang.

Always a Dreamer Zoe/Tabasco Liz

What every Dreamer girl wants, a cuddle with an alien!!! Zara Isabel with her favourite cuddly alien!!!

Memories to cherish...from Croatia

Well dreamers, it's kinda weird for me to be writing this b/c I was never really good in expressing my feelings, always been that silent tip....always, until now. Somehow this time I felt I have to let my feelings out to open, just " to step out behind the tree"... I never thought that something will ever touch me the in way that Roswell, Max and Liz did...Ever since Pilot was aired I've felt so strongly drawn to them.....it was like where ever I'd go or what ever I'd do something would always came up that would remind me on Max, Liz, their amazing love...l and there I was....daydreaming, picturing them happy and together...And I felt strange, weird b/c most of my friends didn't even watch Roswell and since I live in Croatia it took me a while to find out that I wasn't alone that there are a lot's of you guys, dreamers, out there.... Now when Roswell is over I'm sad, and even I was not able to watch it with you all I was always looking forward to check up theddd page to see screen caps & clips, to peek into the forum just to hear what you all said about the last episode, to plan how to get my hands on tapes with episodes that I haven't seen...I'm sad because it's over but also I'm happy, happy because I was apart of their amazing journey, in my thoughts I was with them every single step of the way...They made me believe in love again, they showed me how true love is supposed too look like and I'll be thankful always. I have my memories to cherish, we all do..and that's one thing that nobody can ever take from us....


Not the end, Not really!

Where to start? For one, I hate "Goodbyes"...I think that's why it's taken me this long to put any of my feelings in writing. It hasn't hit me,that there will be no more Roswell on Tuesday nights, so it doesn't seem real yet. How do I put into words my feelings about how much Roswell, and the Dreamer/FF community mean to me, have changed my life? Tough prospect...but here goes;

For me this journey started out in October of 1999, with little to no expectations, other than to be mildly entertained by a new television program. Where it ended up is some place completely different. Like many I tuned in to satisfy my curiousity about this new show based on the Roswell Crash premise.I wasn't expecting much, as I figured that since the WB was known for it's "teen" shows, this would just be another carbon copy of that "formula". Little did I know that I would be completely taken in by the story of a handsome, dark haired boy and his (then) unrequited love for a local waitress. I was struck by the performances of Jason Behr, Shiri Appleby, and the entire ensemble cast. From the dry humor to the engaging story, it wasn't anything like what I was expecting.I was hooked.

It was completely by chance that I happened on the Crashdown website, and FF.I was blown away that there was this community of people who were all addicted to the same think I was! I took to lurking on the Cherishing Thread, and after a year, I worked up the courage to register, and start posting. I can remember being blown away by the fanart, poetry, and general silliness (at times) of these people calling themselves "Dreamers". I also remember the elation when long time Dreamers started including me in their shout outs, and conversations. Dreamers like Tas, Icestorm(IceDream),ElectroKat,FlyerKel, 6th Rock, Dreamer Vixen, Sandman, Roswool, Arabella, Alexis, Hibby, Ist42, Linangel, Fishish, (My DJ Superhero buddy) Aldebaran,gij, Ms Roswell, Audrey11, CosmicDream,(and I know I am missing so many names, forgive me).These talented, wonderful Dreamers shared their art, their lives,and their caring over cyber space.It would take me forever to thank all the poets, authors, artists,for all they've created& shared, but you guys are the best.

During the past three years, the Dreamer family has changed a bit, and expanded alot.Dreamers have gone MIA, but have not ever been forgotten. That's why I've always felt it's more like being a family, because you are always welcome back.

When I think of how I've added so many new phrases to my vocabulary...."Guttercouch" instantly comes to mind. And how I'll never be able to see a cement truck with out thinking of Max & Liz.Or Strawbehries... I'll never listen to certain music without thinking of Roswell or the Dreamers....Sarah McLachlan, and Sheryl Crow come to mind.I learned about Dwarfs, being cheered at first thing in the morning(Thanks Lexy&Hib!),I've cleaned up after numerous food(fruit) fights...(BTW, where DID I leave my mop?). I also learned about friendship and caring. There are just so many things that will bring this show and my Dreamer family to mind....

While the show may be over,the actors are on to bigger and better things, and over time FF posters may go their own way, I know I will keep in my heart a special place for Roswell and the Dreamers. No matter where I am, no matter what I'm doing, I will remember always. Provence, I want to thank you most of all, for making the Cherishing Thread a positive, fun place to call "home". For that I will indeed Cherish. So for me it's not really "Goodbye" or "Farewell", more like"Thanks for everything, I'll see you later".

Jody (aka Tigereyes)

I'm french,

I live in Paris and I'm 26. At this time my mind can't stop thinking of Roswell, far away from my home....We haven't seen season 3 yet but I shared and read all the stories in here. I soooooooo much love Max and Liz, they brought in my thoughts the endless love I never had (yet). I'm so sad to learn that Roswell will no longer be on screen and that we will never see again the prestiest couple of the world, but they will be and stay in my heart for a very long time. Thanks to the DDD for sharing all this information, beautiful pictures, screen caps, videos. That represents an amazing tribute to Max and Liz. Thanks to the cast and crew for these great TV moments. I used to say long life to Roswell, but now it's time to say Farewell to Roswell.....


It was the alien blast of a lifetime...

Although I'm already a mother of a 10-year-old boy and a wife to a wonderful husband, I have to say that Roswell stirred feelings in me I thought were gone...thoughts of hope, true love, perseverance and above all ...friendship. I consider all you dreamers out there...friends for life.

"I felt something that I just had to put into words...so years from now, if anyone ever...if anyone ever touches me the way that you did, I'll know what it's supposed to feel like."
Yours dreamily,
Winnie Kim
South Korea

Martha from Wales...

I just wanna say that even though I am from the UK and Season 3 hasn't shown over here yet (I hope it will - please BBC) I have visited this site almost every day and downloaded the clips and when I saw the last one I cried! - just from those small clips!!

I think Max and Liz are the best on screen couple I have ever seen and I want to say thank you to Jason and Shiri for playing the roles so well. Throughout the seasons I have found myself crying, laughing and getting completely involved in their relationship! From the Pilot I was hooked, I was a Dreamer from the first instant they looked at each other. So Bye that's all I want to say! I loved (and still do) the show and thank you for everything it has brought to my life.

Martha Wilkins
Wales UK

I'm French...

and I'm a great Roswell's, Jason's & Shiri's fan. I want to say my pain since Roswell's end =( I'll never be too sad. My favorite show is dead ! =( Can I speak in French? Okay. Je voudrais dire aux nombreux fans français que rien n'est perdu : non seulement nous pouvons nous mobiliser pour envoyer des milliers de mails à la chaîne Sci-Fi mais en plus, nous pouvons signer la pétition qui nous permettra peut-être d'avoir le FILM ROSWELL ! Pour envoyer des mails à la chaîne Sci-Fi, tout est expliqué à cette page : http://members.aol.com/RoswellTvShow/E- Mails.htm . For the others fans, mail the Sci-Fi channel at program@www.scifi.com . Roswell et le couple Max & Liz resteront pour toujours dans nos coeurs, leur amour est éternel... Roswell and the couple Max & Liz will stay forever in our hearts, their love is eternal...

Bye Dreamers !
Liz Evans

The day that Roswell...died.

(to the tune of "American Pie" )

A long long time ago. I can still remember
How that show could always make me smile.
And I knew if I had the chance,
I could believe in the romance
And maybe I'd be happy for awhile.
But May fourteenth dragged on like winter
my stomache knotted my throat was bitter.
Bad news coming my way,
"Oh NO!" was all I could say.
I can remember and I did cry,
When JK's name came floating by (evil bastard)
Then I lost something deep inside
The day that Roswell...died.
I started singing
Died, Died, my dear Roswell has died
No more M&M or M&L, they've all said goodbye.
The Crashdown Cafe has closed it's doors on my life,
Saying "Please enjoy your Men-In-Blackberry Pie."

R.I.P Roswell
October 6, 1999-May 14 2002

This is dedicated to Jason Katims. Thank you, for killing the dream.

The end.

thoughts from Monique...

Hey...I haven't even known what to say. I used to be a fan of Dawson's Creek, like obssessed, but then on September 29, 1999, when Dawson's Creek was returning for a third season. I sat on my couch, on Wednesday, thinking I was only going to watch the 8:00 p.m WB show. But then...Roswell caught my eye, I have seen the previews and I know the story. I didn't get obssessed with it then...but I continued to watch. I was still glued to Dawson's Creek but slowly became interested with Max and Liz. In April when Sexual Healing had aired...I fell in love right then. I couldn't stop thinking about it. The show was just so dramatic and loving. Dawson's Creek had slipped my mind, and all I could think about was Roswell. To be honest, not even Joey and Dawson had me crying that much as Max and Liz did. My first Roswell website I went on to was Irina's Roswell Page, I began my little Max and Liz obsession, printing pictures, and taping them to my wall. I quickly became a dreamer, once I had learn of the title. A dreamer fanatic, I used to call myself that, and believed it. No one understood me though....I felt something..it may sound crazy, but as I saw Jason and Shiri work together I felt a pull, I felt the love from their characters. I slowly began to believe things not true...like they were really together in reality. Max and Liz forever surrounded my head, my wall, and my binder. I'm young, but mature, I understand things of life based on Max and Liz's relationship. When End of The World aired...I had been devastated... I cried a lot. I remember Provence sending me an email saying to just keep on believing...and keep dreaming. That's all I could do, that's all I can do now. The show has ended, but I keep my title...Dreamer Fanatic.



Tear-drops, laying on the couch.
Laying on the stairs,
a straight path to the computer.
on the keyboard...new ones falling down.
layers forming down my cheek....

reason: the end
the end of something spectacular
a something more than anything else, ever
something to never be forgotten
Max and Liz

It has brought us more than we would ever have thought
Knowledge of Love
Nothing can beat this
Nothing can replace this
Its one with our Hearts
Never will be Forgotten

We may move on, we really must
but we will not, not forget.
some friendships will last
some will be left
but not forgotten
never forgotten
i can't forget

We got a happy ending
maybe not an expectation
but a happy ending

we got marriage between the two most incredible characters
they are happy, and so we must follow

they are not real, some may say
but they are...they are alive in all of us
for they have made this in our hearts...they have caught our hearts and kept them
i love them

the story ends on television
the actors stop acting this drama
but the rest of 'eternity'
we will play out
in fics, music, our minds,
our imagination
it will live on



The show may be over, but the love goes on!

And so do the dreamers!

Friends, I haven't been here from the beginning. I came in somewhere around the thirtieth or so thread, being stuck a long way behind in Australia - you guys were going Into The Woods when we first saw the Pilot - except that I missed the Pilot, something I will never forgive myself for.

But that's okay. I don't feel deprived, (to quote our loving Max), even though I haven't seen even the beginning of third season.

See, just as all of you did, I learned the story of a small town girl and a beautiful boy who loved her. I learned to believe. I learned to have faith. I learned to believe in their love - and somehow, in the end, it all came good.

There's something I'm always quoting, which is probably driving you guys mad by now, but I'm going to do it again because I believe in it - I believe in it so strongly I would stake my dreamer membership on it being true any time you ever test it. It's this:

”Everything is okay in the end. If it's not okay, it's not the end."

Maybe this isn't over. The show is ending, it seems, and some of us are already saying goodbye. They have their closure, and they've learned enough to move on with the rest of their lives.

For me, I don't know how it's going to feel as dreamers slowly drop back into RL while I'm still living the third season dream here. But I can accept that - that the time has come for them to move on, even if I can't let go.

For some of us, closure is now. For some of us, we can't yet let go. All of us, I know, will forever cherish Max and Liz.

But wherever we end up, no matter where we go, we're going to be okay.

And as always, we'll be dreamers!


Saying Farewell by Alexis

Now it's time to say "Farewell"
To a great show called Roswell
Through thick and thin we've stuck by it
Come on! Chins Up! Don't have a fit!

It ended well, we should say
Our Cherish couple had their wedding day!
They went out into the world together
Loving each other and Helping others

And as we say goodbye to them
We'll remember the wheres and whens
The time WE first fell in love
With a small town girl and the boy she loved.

I thought that the last episode was so touching! I was tearing up when Max proposed and felt for Kyle who just wanted a future. I'm so glad he wanted to be with "his kind"! His friends. And Maria wanted to stay in the "alien chaos" where she belongs. And Valenti finally went back to the Sheriff's office.

And of course as a Snow Dreamer I was so happy that they did have a white wedding!

Beautiful beginning and words so nicely chosen…
"It's partly that am losing something that allowed me an outlet for my feelings, awakened by this love story. I wonder what will fill this void, if indeed it will ever be filled. As much as I know that all things end - even good wonderful joyous things - part of me wants to hang on and never let go while the sane part of me knows that isn't possible. So I practice enjoying the memories - and hope you will linger with me ... just for awhile!"

I was wondering the other day if there would ever be anything that would fill the void left by losing Roswell. I never before allowed a Television show to catch me as this one did. It was a wonderful release for emotions and made it possible for me to live through the characters, things I never would dream of being able to do. This is a credit to their ability to help me believe in their characters.

I will remember, I will continue to watch via video and SciFi channel and as long as Provence keeps the DDD available I will visit her site frequently so I can enjoy the parts of Roswell that kept me coming back week after week.

I thank the actors for giving of their lives and talents that We might know Max and Liz, Michael and Maria, Isabel and Alex, Jesse, Kyle and Valenti and even Tess. I still believe the story could have gone a much better direction.

I thank Provence for keeping up her site and offering such a variety of goodies about the show. I thank all those with the talent for poetry and art for all their contrabutions.


Roxanne featherrox

To all the Dreamers out there . . .

I am so touched and sad reading all the farewells that have been posted. Before Roswell, TV shows were just that, just shows to fill the time and nothing more. But Roswell breathed new meaning and life into the television. From the moment I watched the teasers on Star World, I was hooked for life. Even now I know deep in my heart that nothing will ever be as special as Roswell.

And above all, I fell in love with the wonderment that is and was Max and Liz. They evoked and awakened feelings in me that I never thought possible. They took us through the trials and turbulence of their love, and of course made and convinced me of the power of love. No matter what happened, I knew that they would eventually end up together just for the sole purpose that soul mates always find their way back to each other, regardless of whether events conspired to tear them apart. I felt sad when they cried or broke up, I screamed when unfortunate events happened in Season 2 but then my heart cheered and soared again when they finally got back in Season 3. Max and Liz are truly one of a kind. I will never forget the shy Liz Parker who was saved by her ‘dark-haired mystery guy’ and Max Evans, the soulful-eyed alien who risked EVERYTHING for the girl he loved.

Like many Dreamers, though Roswell has ended for us, I am proud to say I’m still absolutely obsessed with Roswell and above all, the Dreamer spirit alive through FF and many other Roswell forums as well as Dreamer clips and pictures. I live in a country where we got Season 1 much later than most of the countries so I was very grateful to discover many other Dreamers and Roswellians where I could share my love for this wonderful show. I have forged many memorable friendships which has touched me.

So, in closing I would extend a huge thank you message to all the Dreamers who have kept the DDD going and so strongly too because this is my haven where I cherish Max and Liz for all they are. This place always feels like home when life seems to be dark and gloomy. A big thank you to Jason and Shiri for making Max and Liz so real and so beautiful on the screen. Thank you, Roswell for bringing such enjoyment and amazement into our lives. And most of all, keep on cherishing Dreamers!

-Eternal Dreamer-

Once a dreamer, always a dreamer.

The saying is the complete truth. Being a dreamer has always meant a lot to me. I stumbled upon the Cherishing thread about a year ago and I can honestly say that I have changed dearly since then. I have met so many wonderful people who know how to brighten up your day, like no one else I've ever met. Who have given me such beautiful memories of food fights and moments of lounging on the guttercouch dreaming of Max and Liz.

Max and Liz, along with every other dreamer, have changed my view on the world and taught me a life long lesson of love and believing in yourself and the one that you love. Their love has shined through many obstacles that their relationship has given them. They have brought me and many others through a great chapter in our story of life.

I'm just sorry that Season Two had to be such a horrible experience for all of us and that the writers couldn't seem to find their dreamer side during this point, but we will always have season one, which has proven to be enough for us because we dreamers, are the strongest group around and as long as we have memories and our dreams, we forever shall believe.

I don't want this to be my farewell, but my hello to the new beginning the end of Roswell has given us. I hope that know, more than ever we Cherish on and keep on dreaming. I know I'll never lose the feeling or memories Max and Liz and all you dreamers have given me, you guys are like the best friends I never had. Along with some others, my friends don't watch Roswell and don't find Jason Behr yummy (GASP!) and when I'm posting with all of you, I feel as if I'm at home. Although Roswell is over, I'm still having trouble believing it completely. I watch Graduation and think, "God, it's really over? There isn't any way we can bring it back? No miracle has happened yet?" I'm sure most of you can relate. And during the wedding scene and the proposle it's like, "This really is it. Finally. After three years of hoping, praying...it really happened." And so...thank you Roswell...for all you've given me. The emotions and the love have meant the world to me for the past three years, and I will never forget the greatest show on earth, Roswell. Roswell may only be three seasons...but we'll take those three seasons and live three lifetimes. I hope that forever, the Cherishing will live on.

Love, Kik (Roswell_Luv56)

Well... it's over,

and although I'm still waiting to see season three (I'm Australian), I feel a very deep loss. I am very proud to be a Roswell fan, and I am proud of the way that all fans have rallied together to keep Roswell alive, and although it has finished we did all that we could and that is the main thing. We fought to the end and we all deserve a big pat on the backs for the efforts we put in to keep Roswell going through various campaigns, petitions and so on. And just because the show is finished, that doesn't mean we have to retreat into Roswell hibernation, but we can watch our episodes on tape til the tapes are dead and we can continue to chat amongst ourselves about our fave show, for that way we can ALL ensure that the memory of Roswell lives on.

And remember.... We create our own destiny.

June 4, 2002 ...It's been 3 weeks...

since the end. Tonight I watched the proposal scene for the millionth time and, once again, the words "12 lifetimes" got to me. A year and a half ago, we watched our dream couple fall to pieces on that balcony. Max's first lifetime was over. The future was unknown. But 3 weeks ago, Max and Liz's future began. We will never know exactly what that future will hold for we are no longer spectators of it, but we can dream. We can ALWAYS dream.

Tonight, watching that scene, made it sink in. It's over. It especially hurts when I think back to the episodes that changed my life- the Pilot, Balance, Blind Date and End of the World. I wonder if I will ever move on. I believe that eventually real life will get in the way and as time goes by, I will start forgetting. BUT I am sure of one thing. I will never look at the sky the same way again. I know that wherever I go, whatever I do, Roswell and Max and Liz will always be deep inside my heart, in a place that no one can touch. I am reminded of the words from the Lonestar song "I'm Already There"... "I'm the sunshine in your hair. I'm the shadow on the ground. I'm the whisper in the wind. And I'll be there 'till the end...."

Roswell is always with me. It has affected me that much. Whether it be a cement truck or a strawberry, I am always reminded of the show that changed my life and the connection that changed me. I will carry it with me. The memories... Forever.

First I want to thank all Roswellians. I am so proud to be apart of such an incredible group of people. We saved a TV show that we loved because we believed enough in ourselves and in Roswell. We raised thousands and thousands of dollars for charity and we continue to do so. THAT is amazing. We may be a small group (in no way are we trekkies!) but we are capable of anything we put our minds to.

Now for the dreamers. Like Liz is Max's family, you are mine. There have been some incredible ups and some horrific downs and without you and the Cherishing thread, I would have gone crazy last year. We all have our own personalities but we all have one thing in common. We believe in the beauty of our dreams... We are romantics... We see true chemistry and beauty... We are dreamers. So thank you.... for being YOU. It's June 4th, I'm Ranelle Ceholski and 21 days ago I died. But then a really amazing thing happened. I believed. thanks.
With all my love, Ranelle (rannylvsros)".

It took me a while

to decide to write. Maybe because words could never express what I'm feeling right now, deep inside of me. Although it's hard, I have to say farewell to Roswell.

I know I'll remember Roswell forever, specially Max and Liz. I never forget their first look, their first kiss, the tears, the smiles, everything. They meant so much too me, I will always be grateful for what they given me.

They are the example of a sweet, true, pure, unique, eternal love and nothing is stronger than their. From the beginning, in the Pilot, you could sense the chemistry. It's not just another love story, it's about finding your soulmate, the person you can share everything with, the only person who knows you, everything about you. And only Max & Liz are able to represent this.

But it's not over, not in my heart, because they are part of my life, my beliefs, of what I stand for. And I know that every time I'll listen to the words cherish, love, ufo, everything related to Roswell, I'll smile. Remembering all the scenes, all the kisses. Yes, I'll smile, because it happened, and that's what's important, it happened. No matters what happens now, I'll be happy. For three years I've dream, I've been happy. Although there's a voice inside of me who's is crying since May 14th 2002, that won't make me forget them, never. They are part of me now, and forever.

That's why today I'm saying farewell to Roswell and my beloved couple ever. I'm saying thank you for everything, for giving me these precious memories, these wonderful emotions,

Thank you for letting me visit Roswell...

Aurélie (Lylie)

from Poland...

Hello! I looked into Max Evans' eyes for the first time one dark, cold, snowy evening sitting in front of my TV in a small town in the south of Poland. I still remember that moment as I looked into them and I was lost. What was happening on the screen just mesmerized me. Max and Liz. What else can I say? From that moment on I have been waiting for Saturday evenings and looking forward to the moments when I could meet them again, share their first touch, their first kiss, be with them, laugh and cry. What was happening between them was " pure ...true... real...". I do not even know when Roswell became an important part of my life. It made me feel one more time what I thought was lost for ever. It brought back the memories of my youth, the scent of the first love, the hesitation, uncertainty and hope of those times when everything was possible and the very mentioning of this one name made my heart skip. Those days are gone for ever but thanks to Roswell I lived them again. Thank You Roswell and farewell. I shall never forget the joy You brought into my life.


I fell in love

with Roswell during the Pilot. I remember seeing the promos for it and laughing at them. I thought the show would be so cheesy. I watched the Pilot anyway because I had nothing better to do. I fell in love as soon as Max and Liz connected in the Crashdown to Sarah McLachlan’s Fear. I became addicted during Leaving Normal when Liz turned to Max for the end of the episode hug. After that, I laughed, cried and rejoiced over every moment.

The show appealed to me on so many levels. Like any good science fiction, it examined what it means to be human. Max, Michael and Isabel, though aliens, still were human because of their emotions and connections to others. The perspectives of Liz, Maria, Alex, Kyle and Valenti all grew because of their knowledge and experiences with the Pod Squad. Everyone, human and alien alike, found acceptance and love despite the differences among them. Those differences became less and less important as they realized that they had things in common, including a common goal of "finding what you thought was lost". Friendships were created and solidified based on this common goal. Roswell proved that no matter who or what you are the only thing that is important is what you do with your life and that you have loved.

Beyond the science fiction story, there were the romances. I became a Dreamer by the end of Leaving Normal and felt the joy at their first kiss, the pain of End of the World, the betrayal during It’s Too Late and It’s Too Bad, the relief at Departure, and the contentment with their wedding in Graduation. I felt what they felt. Max and Liz have a love that everyone hopes to have. They are connected on an emotional level creating such intensity and love that it is sometimes overwhelming. They have made the ultimate sacrifices for each other. Their love has changed how I look at relationships and love. I now believe that it is not only possible for one to find a soulmate but probable. I know now that I will not settle for anything less than this kind of love. Their love gave me a hope that no other fictional characters have done. This hope I will carry with me forever.

Besides the hope it created for me, it has always provided me with an escape. I am a special education teacher in an inner city middle school. I have dealt with many, if not all, social problems that exist in the United States today. My job is demanding, stressful, and emotionally exhausting. Roswell has given me a place to escape, a place where the good guys win, a place where love, friendship and acceptance conquer all. It has helped me get through many tough times by just keeping me positive. By staying more positive, I was and am able to be a better teacher. Lastly, Roswell has given me friendships that I am grateful for. I have not been a part of Fan Forum and Cherishing long but I have met a number of very special people whom I hope to keep in contact with long after this season. Roswell did for me what Max’s actions did for the characters on the show, it has broadened my world and made it a better place.


from a French Fan...

the English translation follows

merci Max et Liz pour m'avoir permis d'oublier quelques instants les moments terribles que j'ai passés. j'habite Paris et un soir je regarde à la tv un épisode de Roswell, c'était 285th..., j'ai trouvé ça très chouette et comme beaucoup j'ai flashé sur ce couple extraordinaire, depuis je ne les ai plus lâchés. j'ai 2 ados de 14 et 15 ans qui comme moi ont regardé tous les épisodes de Roswell passés en France, nous les avons même enregistrés et gardés, malheureusement, ils sont doublés! j'attend impatiemment la sortie de cassettes ou dvds, en anglais. que vous dire d'autre, si ce n'est que grâce à votre site, j'ai pu voir des extraits de la saison 3, en anglais, et j'ai été très heureuse de voir enfin Max et Liz, ensemble, pour les derniers épisodes! Je ne sais pas, lorsque la serie sera finie en France ce que je vais regarder! je ne regarde pratiquement pas les autres séries, à quelques exceptions près, mais malheureusement, celles-ci aussi sont annulées aux States! est ce que les networks sont devenus fous ou bien les Américains n'aiment plus les bonnes séries! j'espère qu'un jour, comme pour le Caméléon, un film sera tourné pour Roswell, que nous pourrons revoir la jolie Shiri et le magnifique Jason, en attendant, je lis les fanfictions (en anglais!!!), il y en a de très bonnes, mais malheureusement on ne voit pas Max et Liz, on les imagine seulement, c'est mieux que rien et surtout, continuez avec le site Crashdown, de nous donner des nouvelles de nos 2 héros préférés! encore une fois, merci Max et Liz, de nous avoir fait, mes enfants et moi, pendant quelques semaines, supporter le malheur qui nous est arrivé. Nous ne vous oublierons pas et bonne chance à vous!!!! mon.

Thanks to Max and Liz for letting me forget for a while some of the terrible moments that I've had. I live in Paris and one night, I saw an ep of Roswell: 285 S. I found it so cute and I immediately connected with the extraordinary couple. Since then, I have cried so much over them. I have two children who are 14 and 15 years old who, like me, have watched all the eps of Roswell shown in France. We have even taped and saved them. Unfortunately, they were taped over! [I think] I wait impatiently for the release of tapes or dvds, in English. Thanks only to your site, I have been able to see clips from Season 3, in English, and I have been so happy to see, finally, Max and Liz together for the last eps! I don't know when we'll be able to see the end of the series in France. I barely watch any other series, with a couple of exceptions, but unfortunately, those also are cancelled in the United States! Is it because the networks are crazy or because Americans don't like these good series? I hope that one day, as with "Cameleon" (?? Maybe "Pretender?), a movie will be made for Roswell so we can see once again the beautiful Shiri and the magnificent Jason. While I wait, I read fanfiction (in English!). They are really good, but sadly, we don't get to SEE Max and Liz that way--only imagine them. It's better than nothing. Continue with the Crashdown site to give us news of our two favorite stars. And again, thanks to Max and Liz for having let my children and myself, during these past weeks, share the misfortune that you suffered through. We will never forget you, and good luck!

Most of the current dreamers...

don't even know me. And, although I was one of the original dreamers when the cherishing thread was up to #11, I probably slipped out of provence's mind as well. I haven't been MIA completely, I have been lurking consistently since the begining of season 2. Roswell, has affected me in a life altering way. But as most of you can concur, Roswell without Max and Liz would be just another sci fi show I would have passed over....Life was always good, but becoming a dreamer and bonding over this wonderous creation of Max and Liz made life even sweeter. I will forever smile eating strawberries...I will forever laugh hearing the word cement...I will forever get the chills hearing Sarah Maclaughlans "Fear"....To Provence, Letty, Parrot, Tequila(who made me laugh till I cried), Juliet, MichaelsAngel...and all the other "old dreamers" that filled my days and crazy hours of the evening, I bid you adieu with my lips but not with my heart. My father, who truely respected my "obsession", asked me once, "if this show is so life altering, why aren't the neilsens, like Sinefeld...the answer to me was clear. The majority of the world is entertained by violence, sex or the situation comedy of the two...only unique individuals with open pure hearts seek to be touched by pure love.

The fans of Roswell, of Max and Liz, the dreamers, are few but are those unique and pure who have let their souls be touched by the most wonderful love story ever. I cherish knowing all of you...I cherish being a part of you...I have bookmarked this part of my life with no regrets...

Last year, I was blessed with my fourth child, a baby girl. All our children have Hebrew names, as is our family custom. Giving her a name was an epiphamy...I always smile when I call her, ...her name is Shiri....

Forever a Dreamer,

Thank You.

Those were truly the only words I could think of as I saw Max and Liz step out of the church together. Thank you and good luck. Sure, I know these characters aren't real. I mean, they're just that... characters. But Shiri Appleby and Jason Behr have managed to bring two people... two amazing people to life and give us a love story beyond time and space. Our very own alien Romeo and Juliet. And along the way they have taught me things about myself that I never thought I would learn, or even wanted to. I dared believe in true love. I dared to believe in destiny... in fate. In SOULMATES. SO many unanswered questions. But... all in all... I wouldn't change much about the ending. I only wish it wasn't the end. Because honestly, it seemed like more of a beginning. So as I bid farewell to a couple that I have loved as if they were my very own friends... I thank Max Evans and Liz Parker (Evans) for showing me that it is ok to feel, ok to love, ok to believe in the impossible. And I thank Shiri and Jason for making that as believable as possible. I don't think I can ever be affected by two people the way I have been by them. And as long as I live I won't be able to forget the way Max looked into Liz's eyes, opening his soul and his world to her, making her leave normal. It w as truly... magic. And I'm glad I've had incredible people, my fellow dreamers, to share it with.

~Dreamer for eternity,
Roswellian Princess (Selena)

thoughts from Inga...

Well...this is really the end now. No more counting the days, hours, minutes, seconds till the next episode...waiting for another scene with Max and Liz. If it was happy or sad, just seeing these two soulmates together was enough for any of us. Now all of this seems to be over.

But even if it is, knowing that I was a part of this great group called "Dreamers" make me smile again. We are all different. Different in age, gender, nationality... but one thing is connecting us all. The unconditional, cementing, pure and amazing love between Max Evans and Liz Parker. We know it is not real, just Tv. But these two make us believe in true love, in soulmates, makes me read hundreds of fan fics, make me visit even more websites...I think you know what I mean. I will never forget you guys, even if I have been only in the background all the years. I will miss you so much. I hope that you will have good company, when you are going to watch all the dreamer episodes over and over again, especially season one, which was the best of all. "Pilot", "Leaving Normal", "Blind Date", "Sexual Healing" and all the other cute little scenes in every episode, even after this whole Future Max and Tess Thing. Our lovers had to go through much and sometimes I wonder how they could get trough this and still be so totally in love with each other. But they did.

And thats why I/We will never forget them.

Okay I will end this here. There is so much to say but so little time. I will never forget you and I will never forget Roswell.


thoughts from Nadia...

Dear all Dreamers,

Hey all, I wanted to add to all these memories and so here goes. I remember one night in 1999 I was siting down ready to watch TV; not knowing that what I was about to watch was going to affect me for 3 yrs and longer. I was just randomly flipping through channels when this hot guy caught my eye. So I watched that show for a while and immediately was awe struck. This show seemed soooo interesting, the characters seemed to work so well together and it was amazing how the hot guy seemed to have such fantastic chemistry with the leading lady. I watched how she called him from the hospital b/c she needed someone to talk to. I watched how he came to see how she was doing when she told him not too. I watched when he held her tight and tried to make her tears go away. When the show was over I ran too the TV Guide and that is when I first discovered Roswell. Leaving Normal was the first episode I ever saw and it hooked me immediately. From then on I became a more and more obssessed fan. I found everything out about Roswell. Then I found the "Cherishing Max and Liz board". From then on I became a Dreamer. I just have to say that though our show may now be coming to an ending, the Cherishing will always continue. I have learned sooo much from the show and the dreamers. From "what is Mitiois" to "Quantum mechanics". I too have never let a single television show catch me like this. I hope though the show itself is over in our hearts it will never die! I thank the cast and the crew for such a fantastic show. I would like to believe it is not the end of Roswell, but the end of a beginning. It is now up to us to keep Roswell alive within us. Love ya all!!


thoughts from hibby...

It seems so strange to be typing this now. S3 is only into it's third episode here but for me May 14th 2002 will always be the day it ended. I became a dreamer when Max healed Liz, it was confirmed with their connection, by the end of the "Pilot" I was a full fledged Roswellian. I was a fan and proud of it when I found Crashdown and FanForum but I don't think I knew what being a Roswellian meant until that moment. When I found the cherishing thread I found home. The Max and Liz that had found their way to this little island and into my home had found their way to other countries, other homes and, I discovered, to other hearts. I found people of all ages who celebrated the love that was and always will be Max and Liz. We saw it all, shared it all. S1 with fear of discovery and belonging, bonds of friendships, it's slow tumble into love, the looks that spoke volumes, the touches that ignited our imaginations, our longings, to the first kiss to mark all kisses. "Heat Wave" and "Sexual Healing" I think will always stand out on our Dreamer calendars. In "Destiny" those first words of love melded them together as surely as Liz's stepping away tore us apart. We had our hopes rise with Max's persistence only to have it broken in EOTW, still we knew as surely as Max knew that it couldn’t be, they were meant. The writers lost me in their effort to prove something to the network. I read on with a heavy heart as dreamer after dreamer handed in their dreamer cards, feeling as if I'd join them. I didn't. Instead we rebuilt with the help of our mum Provence, our step mum Tasyfa and each other. New dreamers came out of the woodworks and we banded together and found what I know our MIA dreamers will always know. We'd been touched by a Czechoslovakian and his lady love. Our eyes have been opened to the wonder of what love could be, of what it means to sacrifice for another, what it means to find your way back to each other and nothing could erase that handprint.

Roswell gave me all that, the friendships on the show that captured me I find reflected in the friendships I've made on FF. I'm a Roswellian, Berhrette cheerleader, Gutter dwarf and a Blushing Gutterchouching Dreamer . I've sat on the Guttercouch and drooled, I've been intimidated by the magnificence of Cosmic, Addict and Melodious' art, just as I am now by Lisa, Fallen, Mandy, Destinee and countless others. I've reads posts and cried, I've worried about sick dreamers and prayed . I've laughed myself silly with posts from 1st42 and all the other equally funny and crazy posters I first found at Cherish to the crazy one's I've met recently. Nicole's daily inspiration, Alexis' reason's lists and blood pumping Behrette cheers, Tiger, Tab, Ariel, gij, forever, sandman, Muse, Chon, Lexy and the rest of the morning crew, Cargirl, Carrie, Jaxie, FlyerKel, LV, Liz Evans, ava speaks, RosWool and all the other night shifters old and new, sandman with his tear jerking poetry and other poets who've touched my heart like Meg25. We've had dwarfs, food fights and clean ups, been sprinkled with Dreamer dust by our own arabella and given a dreamer mascot in Moonlight and danced to music spun by our own DJ aldebaran. How could I not mention our dreamer guys like sandman, Dr. Aftershave, Peter who I've posted with and our little dreamer guy Josiah who's practically grown among us. That's a whole lot of aunts for a little guy (smile). Personal trials and victories have been shared and sorrows (Sept 11th) as well. We've been friends, big sisters, posting cousins, given advice and reprimanded. There should be so much more to say for all that we've been through these last few years but I don't think I could ever say it all. Roswell has given me a dream, gut wrenching pain and unswerving other worldly love; none of which would mean half as much as it does if not the artist who decorate our dreamer walls, the wonderful starts, the lovely poems and pick-me-up cheers and all the other dreamers who post to share it with.

That said, Roswell may stop airing but it'll be alive for me in the friendships I've made, the dreamer songs I hear, the things people say that somehow always come back to Max and Liz . Besides let's face it we've been Ch-Ch-Changed and the words "dreamer", "cement" and "gutter" will never mean the same again.

Hibiscuss (Leona)

Hi! My name is Josie and I am so sad to see Roswell, my favorite show, come to an end. I have watched this show from the beginning and I just wanted to share some of my feelings. I, too, am a dreamer...it's the reason I fell in love with the show in the first place. I got caught up in the romance of Max and Liz. They have such great chemistry!!! Anyways, I visit this site all the time and it's such a great site, so thank you for having this so I could cherish what I think is the best love story ever. I am still having a hard time believing that it's over. You're right, I will go on and cherish the Roswell experience probably the rest of my life. Thanks for letting people like me share this experience with you and everyone else out there. Please take care and God bless.

Dealing with the fact that Roswell is not going to be around in the same way anymore is difficult! It's hard to find the words to describe what I feel. And then sandman wrote so beautifully….
I shall move on one day myself as this chapter of my life comes to a close, but I will be taking along with me, so much more from the Roswell experience in the way of compassion, romance, and the friendships of people so willing to share their feelings about such stuff!

I too will move on eventually, as we all must do to continue our life's journey, but before we do I hope we do linger for awhile savoring all that was wonderful about Roswell and the love story of Max and Liz! I have been so sad and struggle to put into words why the loss of Roswell is affecting me so much.

It's partly that we are losing something once such an integral part of our lives; something that allowed me an outlet for my feelings awakened by this love story. I wonder what will fill this void, if indeed it will ever be filled... Alas, Our world is changing.

As much as I know that all things end - even good wonderful joyous things - part of me wants to hang on and never let go while the sane part of me knows that isn't possible. So I practice enjoying the memories - and hoping others will linger with me ... just for awhile!


Pure, True, and real
My Dream Family!

I always thought it would be easier
When the time came for goodbyes-
But suddenly I can't stop the tears
That flow freely from my eyes!

I knew someday this time would come
And I thought I was well prepared-
I realize now that as tragedies go
There are none to be compared!

We have reached the end I fear
Of this precious thing we knew-
But it's hard for me to comprehend
The thought of losing YOU.

The times we shared were special ones
And now we must leave them all behind-
But these memories that we will keep,
We'll store safely in our minds!

My friends, wherever your lives lead you
And whatever trials you must face-
Just think back to when we came here
To "Cherish"...Our sacred meeting place!

And when we need a loving thought
We'll remember our "Dreamer" days with pride-
And those classic words that bind us now
"I'm Liz Parker, and five days ago I died!

Love you all... sandman

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