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A summary of Terms and Theories

from the thread on FanForum

Liz's Importance to the Alien Mythology

(compiled by Liz Mythologist Amy Jurskis)
The relationship between Max and Liz is full of symbolism. The writers, directors, and other creators have built up a "canon" of images and symbols surrounding Max and Liz. These symbols reinforce the truth that the Max/Liz bond is unique and special. Liz is the TRUE queen and Max's past, present and future destiny!!!

What follows is a sort of "dictionary" of some of the key Liz/Max symbols and a run-down of some of the main theories about Liz/Max and the alien mythology.

BUTTERFLY - Liz is associated with butterflies. She has butterflies in her room. In the episode Into the Woods she wears a robe covered in a butterfly print. There are butterfly stickers on the lockers in the Crashdown. The symbolism of the butterfly speaks to the fact that Liz is changing. The change began when Max healed her and continues on.

DIAMONDS - There are diamonds EVERYWHERE in Roswell. Diamonds evoke images of royalty - and hence the 4 royals. HOWEVER - there is a FIFTH ELEMENT to a diamond. Diamonds have four points - but there is an "invisible" center cross that holds them together and gives the diamond its strength. Liz could be the "fifth element" to the four royals - or the force of she and Max united could be the "fifth element"

VENUS - Liz is strongly associated with VENUS. Venus was the goddess of love. Venus is also associated with horses (another Liz symbol) and is the intermediary between the sun and the earth (Max is closely associated with the SUN). Charm, beauty and grace are associated with Venus - as are TOUCH and SMILES (two more things we associate with Liz!) A further clue that Liz is linked with Venus is a quote from monsters where Liz tells Tolosky she wants to be a scientist because "when she first walked into a science lab and smelled the sulphur - she knew she was home". Venus's atmosphere consists largely of....sulphur! There is SUCH A STRONG CONNECTION between Liz and Venus. I could write pages on all the symbols and clues linking the two - but for this brief overview I will just say - without a doubt - LIZ IS VENUS!!!

MIRRORS - Liz is associated with mirrors - she has a large standing mirror in her room and has often been shown reflected in a mirror. The MIRROR speaks to the journey Liz is on - as she discovers herself and her true destiny (with Max!!)

FLOWERS - Roses and Lilies are both flowers associated with Liz. Roses are a symbol of love and of re birth. Lilies - especially the six-petaled Lily (which is the one shown with Liz) are linked to the sun and symbolize glory and fruitfulness - they also represent the beloved's choice (or the chosen one). Lilies are also linked to Venus.

NUMBERS - Four and Five Four - as we know is the number of the podsters - but FIVE is another number repeated in Roswell. Five is seen as the completion and fulfillment. Where four may represent four points or elements (earth/wind/fire/water - north/south/east/west) - FIVE includes the "fifth element" - often the element that transcends/gives power and fulfills. Is Liz the FIFTH element??? We think so!!!!

HORSES - in general - we see the repeated horse symbol as being the "Trojan Horse" - a symbol that the essences of the true bride - Liz - has been "hidden" in a human girl to protect her from the enemies. There is a picture of a horse in Grandma Claudia's hospital room, Max has an accident avoiding hitting a horse in Blood Brothers, Liz has a horse lamp in her room, there is a horse picture in Congree Woman Whittaker's office. And there are many more examples of horses in Roswell.

YIN/YANG - The orb swirl symbol looks like a yin-yang and represents Max and Liz and the balance created by their union. Max and Liz ARE yin-yang - together they complete and compliment each other. They find the orb together in Sexual Healing. They are also often positioned together so that they form what looks like they orb symbol - you can see this very clearly at the end of Leaving Normal and during the dream sequence in To Serve and Protect. The fact that the symbol on the orb is CLOSELY associated with Max and Liz is a huge indication that they are each other's TRUE destiny!

The sun is traditionally a symbol of royalty. Max - as the king - represents the SUN. Liz has suns and sun flowers in her bedroom and on her balcony - she is also shown with sunflower on more than one occasion. This shows her connection to MAX.

DRAGONS- There is a large dragon sticker on Liz's window. Dragons are guardians - is this dragon guarding Liz because she is the CHOSEN ONE - the TRUE bride????there is also a legend about two dragons that are sleeping - waiting to rise and defeat any enemy that threatens - could Max and Liz be the "sleeping dragons" ??

A few of the theories:

1. Liz as the CHOSEN ONE - This theory basically says that there is some sort of prophecy that points to Liz as being the "chosen one" - the "fifth element" that will help restore balance and complete the podsters. Her union with Max will bring about the downfall of their enemies. We point to Ava's odd reaction to Liz and her assertion that Zan was "waiting for someone" as evidence that Liz has a special status.Also - in the "destiny book" we see Liz's name written backwards above one of the pictures - could this book be a book of "prophecy"???

2. Liz as the KEY TO THE GRANOLITH Many of the Liz Mythologists wonder if Liz does not have a connection to the granolith - perhaps she is it's keeper or guardian. We don't know WHAT the granolith is - but we have speculated that it may be some sort of "holy grail" - and is not "owned" by any one person or race on Antar - rather the granolith is its own entity - with its own "keeper or guardian". We wonder if the Parker family doesn't have a connection to the granolith - especially Grandma Claudia.Adding to this theory is the fact that the Parkers have a photograph of the granolith chamber in the Crashdown!

3. Liz's TRANSFORMATION On the Liz Mythology board - the "mythologists" predicted that Liz had been changed long before we saw her developing powers in Max In the City. Her change was set in motion when Max healed her. It is open for debate as to whether it was the healing ALONE that caused her to "change" - or whether or not the healing simply "awakened" the essence hidden within her. Either way - Liz has been changed and is continuing to change. We wonder what Future Max meant when he told Liz "she needed to change too" - did he know about her "powers"?????

4. Liz as the TROJAN HORSE- basically this theory says that Liz was sent with the podsters (possibly in the leaky pod??) but that her essence was then "transferred" into a human child. Liz is therefore completely human - but carries the essence of Max's bride.

5. Liz as the TRUE BRIDE - This can work many ways - here are a few: * Liz and Max could have been secretly married on Antar (like in Romeo and Juliet) and then Max was "forced" to marry Tess for political reasons. * Tess could be an impostor - created by or in league with Nasedo to replace the "true" bride - whose essence was transferred to Liz. * Max could have visited earth in his past life (like Larek does) and in doing so he could have fallen in love with a human girl. Liz could be the "reincarnation" of that forbidden love.

6.Evid adds

Max was right when he said he and Liz were different. Not because of who he was or who she was, but because of who they became together.

This is the symbol on Max's brain marking him as the King of Antar. As you can see the bottom star completes the V and it's also the brightest star. Meaning with out this star, the symbol, therefore the King, is not complete.

Now in this pic you see Liz standing in the middle of four lights (stars). Look closely, as you can see, Liz is in the spot were the brightest star should be. Liz becomes the bright star that completes the symbol. The Metaphhor is, Liz completes Max. from Evid