DreamGirls Meet Jason!

Read All About It! Read All About It!

The following is an EXCLUSIVE account reported
by Dreamgirls CityGirl, Parrothead and GinaBehr!

Hi Dreamers!!!

We met him you guys!! It was SO fabulous!!! I'm Sure by now you have all read the thread
but I will Give you the scoop anyway.

Parrot and I were the very first people to get there. We got there at 6. Then Christine showed up. Then Gina. We thought we would for sure get in. So we met up with some others from the board and all started hanging around where they said he would be coming in. (A security guard had told one of the others that some guy named Behr was going to be on and we were so relieved) We freaked out every time we saw a black car! So then we found out there were no seats and we wouldn't be able to get in. We were sooo bummed! At this point one of the posters- Mirage ( a lurker) wrote a note and gave it to a security guard begin him to give it to Jason saying basically we are 8 of your biggest fans and have been out here since 6 am. One of us even came from Maryland. Is there any chance you can talk to us after the show.

So the show started and all the guests were announced and Jason was not one of them. So then this photographer came and said he's not coming. I thought we were all going to cry. So we stood around saying no no no. I know he's coming. Like 10 minutes later this car pulled up and we all just sort of stared at it. We were looking into the windows but didn't see him. All of a sudden the doors opened and out stepped Jason In all his glory! I must add he was wearing a dreamy white button down and looking more beautiful then I ever thought possible!! For a second no one said a word and then LITERALLY there was a huge collective sigh and all of us said in unison, in that pinch me I am dreaming tone of voice, JASON. He looked at us in such surprise it's not even funny. By this point we had all been standing out in the pouring freezing rain for like 3 1/2 hours. He turned to us and smiled (so Dreamy) and waved (which I missed b/c I was frantically trying to get my camera to my face to snap his pic) Then he walked inside.

Ok so we loitered around having heart palpitations and worrying that we weren't going to get to see him b/c the stars' drivers were pulling the cars into the garage and closing the door and then pulling out once they were in the car.

So Jason's driver pulls the car into the garage and We all started wigging out. The door opened and they started pulling out. We were freaking. We thought OH MY GOD is he really going to leave without talking to us. Mind you it is POURING!!! So at that point every single one of us THREW our umbrellas on the ground and flocked around the car. I looked over and Jason was fucking sitting on the other side of the car with his window rolled down to talk to us be we were all on the wrong side!!!!!!!!!! So in the front seat was a publicist for the WB she rolled her window down. And then Jason's manager rolled his window down and there he was!!!! Inches away from us. So the WB woman says, "Who's from Maryland" and we were all surprised no one said a thing for a second- (in fact- I thought she said "Who's Marylin?!! SFOL!!) So parrot was like, ME and she said do you have paper? and everyone was Like huh??? So then we snapped out of it and jumped into action. Parrot got the first autograph and it says, "Caryn Best Wishes Always, Jason Behr" So everyone started talking at once and taking pictures of him. He was smiling and laughing- SO F**KING HOT!!! :) He thanked us profusely for waiting for him and when Christine asked him how he liked New York he said he loved it. Gina gave him a gift and he was so thankful. At this point I think we were all talking at once and trying to lean as far into the car as possible to get some pics. Jason totally took it in stride. His manager was like, ok one more (autograph) and I looked at Jason and was like wait me please!! He said, "Of course!!" And at that point I couldn't think so he's holding my paper and pen kind of looking at me like ok... and then he said who is this for? I think I may have squealed "SHELLY!!" so he signed it and handed it to me and I sqealed again, Thanks Jason!!! Here's the best part, there was this scary man roaming around all day and he came up behind us and started screaming in this deep grovelly scary voice, "JASON JASON JASON CANYOU PLEASE SIGN MY PAPER!?? I"VE BEEN WAITING ALL DAY FOR YOU" (he had NO clue who Jason was. No one did!!) We all burst out laughing. Jason was rolling he was laughing so hard. Then they pulled away and we all stood there in shock with rain pouring all over us. Not that we noticed a thing!! SFOL!!

You guys, I SO wish you could have been there with us! We were thinking about you all morning. He is even more beautiful in person and when he looked at you he made total eye contact. That whole soulful eye thing is SO not a camera trick. I think I got lost in them every time I looked at him. And they NEED to have him smile and laugh more onscreen. He is just breathtaking!!!

Ok I think that's it for now. I am off to go enjoy my dreamgirl haxe.

Love Citygirl

Ok, I am totally FREAKING OUT!!!! I am on City's computer right now and had her add my yahoo email addy on so I could join the fun. I still can't believe that just a few hours ago we were face to face with Jason! Like City said he is even more beautiful in person and when he smiled I thought I was going to faint! We were so bummed when we didn't get into the show but if we had we would have missed out on being that close to him! Standing in the pouring ran for 4 1/2 hours was SO worth it! I nearly had a heart attack when they asked who was from Maryland! JB must think I am total nut but I don't think he will forget me! SFOL!! And I actually did manage to speak to him, I said thanks Jason when he handed the autograph back to me and he just smiled! OMG he is to die for! [Dreamers] we really were thinking about you guys all morning and really wishing you could have been there when we did finally see him! What a day! I can't sit still now and I have to do some work but I don't know how I will concentrate! Oh and I need to see about getting this film developed so you all can share in the glory of White Hot Jason! SFOL!


Photos by Daisy and Ginabehr! Autograph photos by Parrot and City! Thanks so much for Sharing!