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Roswell Screen Caps

A Roswell Christmas Carol
The Miracle

Max-"You're going to the midnight service? You don't believe in anything."
Michael-"Gotta hedge your bets, Maxwell. I've had my prayers answered twice in the past two days. Don't ask. You okay?"
Max-"Better, thanks."
Michael-"Your powers?"
Max-"Yeah, they're startin' to come back to me."
Michael-"Good. I just wanted to say that I'm really pissed about what happened last night."
Max-"Michael, I couldn't stop myself."
Michael-"No, no ,no. I'm pissed that I don't have the ability to help the kids in the hospital that you couldn't get to."
Michael-"Nuff said. I've got a Christmas present for you. Come on."

Ghost-"They'll be okay. My wife, she's uh...pretty remarkable. If anybody can get through this..."
Max-"I want you to know that if they ever need me, I'll be there for them."
Ghost-"I know you will, Max. Get outta here. It's Christmas, you should be with your loved ones. That's where I'll be.
That's where I'll always be."

Liz-"I thought you didn't believe in God?"
Max-"I believe in you."