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Roswell Screen Caps

A Roswell Christmas Carol
The Miracle

Max-"There was a crowd, a huge crowd and everyone was watching
and I...I... I could have healed him, but I didn't."
Liz-"Max, listen to me. Listen, you can't hold yourself responsible for that man's life."
Max-"He gave his life for his daughter and I let him die."
Liz-"If you healed him, you would have exposed Michael, Isabel and Tess."
Ghost-"Well, that was the sugar-coated version, Max. Now tell her what you were really thinking."

Max-"I wasn't thinking about Michael and Isabel and Tess. I was thinking about myself in the white room and being tortured. I didn't heal that man because I was protecting myself.
Why couldn't I trade my life for his?"
Liz-"No, Max, look, you can't do that to yourself."
[Ghost sings Amazing Grace]
Max-"He's haunting me, Liz."
Liz-"What do you mean?"
Max-"He comes to me. I see him."

Liz-"You mean you..[she looks around]...literally see him?"
Max-"I have to do something."
Liz-"Max! Max! Max! What are you talking about?"
Max-"I don't know."
Ghost-"You can't get rid of me that easily, Max. I got no place to go.
You need to restore the balance, Max,"

Max-"I need to restore the balance."