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Roswell Screen Caps

A Roswell Christmas Carol
The Miracle

Liz-"So, I hear you went to Phoenix?"
Max-"Yeah. Thank you for telling me about Sydney."
Liz-"Are you still haunted?"
Max-"I don't think so."
Liz-"Healing all those kids, why did you do it?"

Max-"After I healed Sydney, I looked at the face of the boy lying next to her and I just thought, how could I not? How could I not use my gift?"
Liz-"As beautiful as that is, Max, you can't keep doing it. I know there seems like there's no reason for those kids to have cancer or for that father to get killed saving his child or for any of it but maybe there is. Maybe there is someone or something out there planning all of this. And maybe you have to respect it. You're not God, Max. You're the one that told me that. Will you come to the midnight service?"
Max-"I'd like to but I don't believe in God. Merry Christmas, Liz."
Liz-"Merry Christmas, Max."

Ghost-"They'll be okay. My wife, she's uh...pretty remarkable. If anybody can get through this..."
Max-"I want you to know that if they ever need me, I'll be there for them."
Ghost-"I know you will, Max. Get outta here. It's Christmas, you should be with your loved ones. That's where I'll be.
That's where I'll always be."