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Roswell Screen Caps

A Roswell Christmas Carol
Roswell - The Miracle

Michael-"C'mon Max, Let's just pick a tree. It's freezing out here.
Max-"It's not so simple. This tree has to fall within certain parameters."
Max-"Height - circumference - color - density of foliage. Look at this diagram.
You know how Isabel gets this time of year."
Michael-"The Christmas Nazi, driving everyone insane while trying to have the perfect Christmas. The worst thing you can do is play into it,Max. You've gotta fight it. You've gotta fight the Christmas Nazi. C'mon, I gotta get to the hardware store before it closes.
I gotta get Maria her present."
Max-"Why? You gonna get her a ratchet set?"
Michael-"Never mind. I'm under a lot of pressure. She's been busting my ass for weeks about this present. She says its gotta be significant."
Max-"Then you might want to steer clear of the...hardware....store."

Mom-"Oh, this poor family. This man gave his life to save his daughter.
Now, that's a true hero."
Dad-"Where's the Christmas Nazi?"
Max-"Last time I saw her she was examining the outdoor lights for disfunctional bulbs."
Isabel-"Max! Max! This is by far the most pathetic Christmas tree I've ever seen.
Did you even refer to my diagram?"
Max-"I had to run out this morning. There were only a few left."
Isabel-"You know- I gave you one tiny little assignment and you can't even handle that?"
Max-"Something came up."
Isabel-"If you had told me you couldn't go, I would have squeezed in time between the hunger drive and Christmas dinner at the nursing home."
Mom-"Isabel, did you know that this family lived only four blocks from here?"
Isabel-"It's so terrible. A few of us were talking about organizing a vigil for his family."

Isabel-"Max! Great! He's doing laundry now!"
Max-"I'm sorry."
Ghost-"How could you let me die?"