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Roswell Screen Caps

A Roswell Christmas Carol
The Miracle

Ghost-"What are you doin' out here?"
Max-"I just wanna make sure they're all right."
Ghost-"They're not all right."
Max-"If I had exposed myself last night there were people I would have put at risk."
Ghost-"But it was all right for you to heal Liz Parker."

Max-"How do you know about that?"
Ghost-"Because I know everything in your mind, heart and soul, Max. I know it all."
Max-"I will look after your children. I swear I will."
Ghost-"For how long, Max?"
Max-"Until they're okay."
Ghost-"They'll never be okay, Max, don't you understand that they lost their father last night?"

Max-"You know how we said we were gonna try to be friends?"
Max-"I think I need a friend."
Liz-"Oh. Okay, come on in."