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Roswell Screen Caps

White Room

Pierce-"This man will hurt you. This man will help you.
Tell me what I need to know, and he will take the pain away."
Max-"Who's inhuman now?"
Pierce-"Open him up!"
[Isabel dreamwalks]

Isabel="Max. Max. Max. There's no time. You have to listen to me. Michael and Nacedo are coming to rescue you. Okay, Max? Do you hear me?
Please, Max, please. You have to listen to me."
Max-"He wants me to make the orbs work."
Isabel-"Okay. Tell him anything. Get him alone. Tell him anything."
[they cut Max]

Max-"I'll show you how they work, but only you."
Pierce-"Clear the room."

Pierce-"Make them work."
Max-"It takes a little time."
Pierce-"I'm bringing them back."
Max-"No, just wait."
Pierce-"You had your chance."
[the orbs start to glow]

Michael-"It's Nacedo, Max, don't worry. Are you alright?"
Max-" I am now."
Michael-"All right. Let's go."