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Roswell Screen Caps

White Room

Pierce-"Good Morning, Max."
Max-"Where am I?"
Pierce-"Someplace where no one can find you."
Max-'Why am I here?"
Pierce-"That's what I what to try to find out."
Max-"You've made a mistake."
Pierce-"I don' think so. I know what you are, and now, you're going to tell me everything."
Max-"I'm Max Evans. I live at 6025 Murray Lane. You can call my parents."
Pierce-"We can do this the easy way, or the hard way. What is the name of your home planet?"
Pierce-"All right. Hard way."
[technicians tie Max to a table]
Max-"I'm Max Evans. Why are you doing this to me? Why? Why? Wha...?"

Isabel-"What are they doing to him? What if he's already dead?"
Liz-"No, no, Isabel. You can't even talk like that because, you know,
Max is too smart to let something like that happen."

Max-" Who do you think I am?"
Pierce-"That's what we're trying to find out in the lab. You know, there's something very strange about your x-rays."

[Isabel holds a picture of Max twirling a b-ball on his finger]
Isabel-"Let me in, Max. Let me in."
[She's in the white room; room spinning from drugs]
Isabel-"Max, Max. Oh, God, stop this. Stop this and help me."
Max-'I can't. They gave me something."
Isabel-"Okay, okay,okay. Max, look at me. Look only at me, look only at me. Where are you? Tell me where you are."
Max-"I don't know."
Isabel-"Think harder. Who brought you here? Valenti's deputy, Max?"
Max-"Look again"
Isabel-"Deputy Fisher is Agent Pierce?"
Max-"You have to go now."
Isabel-"No. No. I'm not leaving you.'
Max-"You have to."
Isabel-"No. Why? No, no, stop, please. I'm not leaving you. I'm not..."
[she wakes and screams]
Isabel-"MAX! MAX! Oh, God! Oh my God! They're drugging him! They're hurting him!"

Liz-"Bring him back to me."
Michael-"I will."

Maria-"I'm sure they've found him by now."
Alex-"They're probably on their way back."
Liz-"Yeah, I wish I could believe that one."
[Sheriff Valenti asks to help them]
Maria-"Okay. let's give them until 4 o'clock, all right? If they're not back by then..."
Liz-"Right. Okay. 4 o'clock."
Maria-"He's gonna be fine."