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Roswell Screen Caps

White Room

Liz-"I'm not waiting any more. I'm going to do what Max would do for me."
Maria-"Wait a minute. Are you sure it's our responsibility to tell Valenti everything?"
Liz-"It's our responsibility to keep them alive. You know, Max was ready to trust him, that's all I need to know."
Alex-"What are you going to say?"
Liz-"Whatever I have to; to get him to help."

Sheriff-"Liz Parker."
Liz-"You're right, Sheriff. I need your help. We all do. Your new deputy, Fisher; he isn't a deputy, Sheriff, and his name is not Fisher. It's Pierce-from the FBI Special Unit. He's the one who has Max."
Sheriff-"How do you know that?
" Liz-"I can't tell you, Sheriff, but Max is in a lot of trouble. I think that they all are. Sheriff, please. Will you trust me? I can tell you where he is."

[Max wakes. semi-coherent and tries to kill Pierce]
Pierce-"Don't even try to use your abilities, Max. The serum we injected you with-very effective in suppressing the neurotransmitters in your cerebral cortex. Experiments on the alien in the 40's taught us that that's where most of your powers come from. Come on. Sit down. That's not your real weakness, though, is it? You know, I've been going about his the wrong way the whole time. It's not that you're part alien; it's that you're part human."
[Max's hands are restrained and a virtual reality visor is put on his eyes]
Pierce-"You have feelings."
[an image of Michael]
[an image of Isabel]
[images of Alex and Maria]
[first an image of a beautiful Liz; then an image of Liz dead with blood on her face]

Max-"NO! NO!"
Pierce-"Trick photography, Max."

Max-"NO! NO!"
Pierce-"Max, Max. Computer rigged. Virtual reality, Max. It's not real. It's not real. We didn't kill her. I just wanted to show you what can happen. What WILL happen."

Max-"You're evil."
Pierce-"I'm evil? I'm risking my life to save my country, my planet from being colonized by alien life-by you. Tell me where the other one is."
Max-"The other what?"
Pierce-"We found this at the crash. We've spent 50 years looking for the other one and we know you have it. Tell me where it is. Tell me. Okay, I'm going to give you a choice, Max. You can either tell me where the other orb is, or you can tell me which one of your friends you want me to kill first. Hmm? And you have 10 seconds. Maybe I'll start with Liz."
Max-"Okay, stop it! I'll tell you where it is. Just don't hurt Liz."