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Roswell Screen Caps


Aired October 16, 2001

Max-"Shhh! Shhh! Shhh! Shhh!"
Liz-"That was just amazing, you know? That was so amazing."
Max-"Well, you did say that, like a dozen times.'
Liz"Well, did I say it like this? Or um...that? or, you know....I'm sure I didn't say this."
Max-"Well, you do have a way with words."
Liz-"Oh, I'd invite you to come upstairs, but....."
Max-"But if your dad caught us......."
Liz-"Yeah. Good night."
Max-"Good night."

Mr. Parker-"Did you have fun? Where have you been? I'm asking you man to man...where you took my daughter in the middle of the night. Be man enough to answer me."
Max-"We went to the desert. We didn't do anything wrong."
Mr. Parker-"It was wrong for you to see her at all. You know that."
Max-"I'm sorry. I love her."

Mr. Parker-"I don't give a damn about your love. Because of you, my daughter was arrested for armed robbery. She could've been killed. Did you ever think about that? Tell me you're not dangerous, Max. Tell me that being with you doesn't put my little girl's life in jeopardy.............Yeah. That's what I thought. So now this is gonna stop. It's gonna stop right now and you're never to see Liz again. And, if you do - if I find out you so much as sat next to her in class, she'll be on the next plane to Vermont."

Mr. Parker-"The Winnaman Academy. It's an all-girl's boarding school and her mother and I filled out all the paperwork and the application was accepted. So all I've gotta do is write the check and put Liz on the next plane."
Max-"You would do that? You would do that just................?"
Mr. Parker-"Just to keep her away from you? Yes, I would. And I will ! Goodbye, Max."

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