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Roswell Screen Caps


Aired October 16, 2001

Max-"God! I miss you!"
Liz-"This is so insane. My dad's right outside."
Max-"I know. I saw him."
Liz-"I miss you so much."

Max-'Listen. Friday. Midnight. I want you to meet me. Dress warm."
Max-"You'll see."

Liz-"You have to go. Come on."
Mr. Parker-"Liz?"
Liz-"Come on!"
Max-"Midnight? Friday?"

Mr. Parker-"Liz?"
Mr. Parker-"Where'd you go?"
Liz-"Uh, nowhere. I was just taking out the trash."

Liz-"So, what is this? No, Max! No!"
Max-"Trust me...trust me. Don't you want someone who can make all your dreams come true?"
Liz-"Yeah, I guess I do."
Max-"Then come on, Lois. Let's go."

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