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Roswell Screen Caps

Michael, the Guys and the Great Snapple Caper

Aired October 16, 2001

The Letter

"Dear Max,
It's so horrible and so unjust to pass you in school and have to wonder whether some teacher is gonna call my father. But no matter how hard my parents try, nothing can keep us apart. I love you, and even when I can't see you in the day, I see you at night, in my dreams. And I have been---dreaming about you. Over and over, it's you and me, holding hands and flying through the night. I know it sounds cornball, but it isn't. It's amazing, like Superman and Lois Lane in the first movie, you know, the good one..................."

Liz-"He isn't coming in."
Mr. Parker-"Let's get back to work."
Liz-"He wasn't coming in. He wasn't breaking the rules."
Mr. Parker-"We'll talk about this later."
Liz-"This is so ridiculous. You can't keep us from seeing each other."

Max-"Oh, sorry. Bad time? Is this some deranged sex thing?"

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