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Screen Caps


Max-"Kyle stole it, Kyle stole your journal."
Liz-"No, Max....don't go Maria on me, okay? It's not stolen. It's just...it's misplaced." Max-"I'm onto you...just now, he looked right at me and said ,"I'm onto you". It means he read your journal, Liz. It means he knows about me."
Liz-"No, Max. It's not about the journal. It's about us, okay? Kyle thinks you had something to do with us breaking up. And he's not a thief. You know, the journal has only been missing for one day. Kyle hasn't been in my house in over a week."
Max-"And the Crashdown?"
Liz-"No, not there either."

Max-"Your room,huh? Good album."
[Max has a flash of Kyle in Liz's room] Max-"He was here."
Liz-"Who was here?"
Liz-"No, Max. I told you. Kyle hasn't been here for over a week."
Max-"I saw him."
Liz-"You saw him?"
Max-"I had a flash, Liz. When things get intense, heightened, sometimes we feel things, see things. He was here, Liz."

Liz-"We shouldn't be here."
Max-"You're right, so let's make this quick. Which way to Kyle's room?"
Max-"Look, we'll get in, we'll grab your journal, and we'll get out. And, in the process, we'll save my life. So, which way is Kyle's room?"