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Screen Caps


Liz-"Everything's okay, Max. I have my journal."
Max-"You found it?"
Liz-"I guess you could say it found me. I left it at the Crashdown and a customer returned it."
Max-"A customer?"
Liz-"A friend....a good friend. Uh, look, Max, now that this is all over and everything. I feel I owe you an explanation to why I wrote those things."
Max-"No, you don't."

Liz- "No....I know you think that I was foolish, you know, to write about that day and you and everything. What I wrote in my journal. It didn't really have anything to do with science. Um.....that day you saved me, I felt something that I just had to put into words......so years from now, if anyone ever.........if anyone ever touches me the way that you did, I'll know what it's supposed to feel like."
Max-"So...can I see it? What you wrote?"

Liz-"Oh,yeah.I don't....I don't think that's a good idea."
Max-"Why? Because if I read what you wrote in your journal....
I'd realize how you really see me?"

"October 28th. I've missed a few days. But in my absence, I've been thinking about some things.About life before Max Evans saved me. Of how I used to pray for something to happen, something to just break the routine,you know, of school and work..... something that would make a small town feel bigger, that would make a small town girl feel bigger,too.And ever since I got my wish and Max Evans patched a bullet hole 2 inches below my ribs, I realized one thing...that the bigger your world gets, the bigger your problems get, too."