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Screen Caps


Liz-"You hungry?"
Max-"OH no. It's this machine. It's always acting up."
Liz-"Can I ask you something?"
Max-"Sure, but I have to be honest with you, Liz. At this point,I don't think I have any secrets left...Liz?"

Liz-"Yeah, right. So that kind of leads us to the problem. The problem being that that journal with the stuff about....that stuff about you and the shooting and whole entire day and everything...that journal is kind of just...missing."
Liz-"Not missing."
Max-"Not missing?"
Liz-"No, it's misplaced."
Liz-"Temporarily misplaced."
Liz-"No, I'm sure there are...I'm sure that it's just somewhere stupid,
like under my bed or something."
Max-"What exactly did you write in this thing, Liz? How bad is it?"
Liz-"I'm gonna find it, Max. So, just....don't worry about anything, Okay? And tomorrow, after I've found it... we're gonna have a really good laugh. Just...give me one day, Max. Okay? And just...don't tell anyone, please? I promise you, Max, that I'm gonna take care of it."