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Roswell Screen Caps

UFO Convention

Jen:"Larry's been chasing UFOs ever since that day. In the beginning, I was kind of into it....but now, I'm tired of adventure. I just want to settle down. I really want a normal guy."
Liz:"I can understand that."
Jen:"You got one too, huh? A unique boyfriend?"
Liz:"Unique? Yeah, that's a good word for Max."

Hubble:"Beautiful countryside, don't you think? Especially at sunset."
Max:"Yeah, it's pretty cool. So, Mr. Hubble, you said you were going to answer my questions."
Hubble:"My wife Sheila and me liked to slip away sometimes....just take a drive. Nothing like flying down the highway with the woman you love by your side, now is there?"
Max:"You're probably right."
Hubble:"Course it's gotta be the right one. You know how you know that? A kiss. That's how. Ever heard the expression, "I saw fireworks?" It was like the 4th of July. That ever happen to you when you kissed a girl?"

Hubble:"She never did get my surprise. And I never did get hers. Not until I got a copy of the coroner's report. There it was in black ink. Three months pregnant. A little girl, it said. She was carrying our child. Surprise."
Max:"I'm sorry."
Hubble:"And, so am I. Four innocent people lost, their lives startin' that day. My wife, my baby....that drifter, and uh...............and me. Dead man walking. That's what I felt like all these years. Only thing kept me alive was you."
Max:"Me? But I don't know you."
[Hubble pulls out a gun and points it at Max]
Hubble:"I know you."
Max:"Whoa, mister, you're making a big mistake."
Hubble:"I know how you can change your face, your body....you're a shape shifter because you're always running. You changed yourself into that drifter when you killed my Sheila trying to get our car. What were you running from then? Somebody else find out your little secret?"
Max:"Sir, I know you're upset...but I did not kill your wife. I wouldn't kill anybody."

Hubble:"Valenti told me about the healing, about the handprint....just like on Sheila."
Max:" I am not him. Whoever you think I am, I swear, I am not him."
Hubble:"I know who you really are, what you're capable of, and I won't let you kill again.'
[Max knocks the gun out of Hubble's hand. Max uses his powers to push the gun out of reach. Hubble starts to shoot Max and Sheriff Valenti kills Hubble]

Sheriff:"I didn't know this was gonna happen. I didn't know he was as dangerous as he was."
Max:"What did you tell him? Why did he come after me? You're the sheriff. You're supposed to protect me. But all you've done is go after me! You believe all these crazy things. You're just like Hubble. You want me? Well, here I am! Take me!"
Michael:"Max, come on. Just relax."
Max:" No, no!"
Max:"Would you treat your son this way?"
Sheriff:"Get outta here. The both of you. You were never here. Go on !"

Michael:"Come on, let's go. The guy was crazy, Max, all right? He didn't know what he was talking about."
Max:"I don't think he was crazy, Michael. I think the one we've been looking for has killed people...a lot of people."