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Roswell Screen Caps

UFO Convention

Max:"Save me! Save me! I'm a human trapped in an alien body."
Isabel:"Excuse me?"
[Max pulls off his alien head]
Isabel:"You realize that we've just lost our last shred of dignity."

Max:"Michael, I've got to talk to you about something....personal."
Michael:"Nothing's too personal."
Max:"How do you do it with Maria?"
Michael:"Too personal."
Max:"NO, I mean...how do you stop? I can't stop thinking about Liz
. Everytime I see her, she just starts going into slow motion."
Michael:"Maxwell, you've gotta be strong. You can't let yourself be led around by your....energy source. It isn't easy for me, either, but you gotta throw yourself into something else....anything else. Something just to get your mind off her."
Max:"Throw myself into something."

Little Boy:"But I thought this was the information booth?"
Max:"Well, yeah, it is, but......................"
[Liz walks down the stairs and Max phases out]
Michael:"When you're with her, think about mud. It helped me."
Max:"Michael, I don't need some trick. I can handle this."

Liz:"Hi, um, I just wanted to talk to you about the luncheon that we're catering."
Max:"Oh,yeah, if it's work related, sure. It's just....I'm kinda busy."
Liz:"Okay, um..I just....came over...........it's just that, um....Larry and Jennifer are back. You know, the ones that were there the day that I got shot? And now, Jennifer won't leave. She just planted herself at the Crashdown."
[Max's mind wanders and he sees Liz in slow motion]

Liz:"It's like, I don't know, she's been sitting there for hours. And it kind of feels like she's been watching me or something. So I came here to tell you that they're here, in case anything should happen....I want you..........."
Max:"Pie. Mud pie. For the lunch the Crashdown is catering tomorrow. I was thinking about mud pie."
Liz:"Okay. Um........I'll see if I can arrange it."
Max:"I gotta go. I'm really busy."