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Screen Caps


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Liz-"Did you have another vision?"
Isabel-"Give me your keys!"
Maria-"No way! Last time I lent out the Jetta, an uzi took out the back window!"
Isabel-"Then drive me!"
Isabel-"To find Tess. I saw a sign.....'Reds'."
Liz-"Yeah...There's no 'Reds' in Roswell."
Isabel-"I know Tess isn't your favorite person. We've all treated her pretty badly. I'm not proud of the way I've acted."
Liz-"I can't help it, Isabel. I don't trust her!"
Isabel-"Then trust me!"
Liz-"Max said not to leave."
Isabel-"Max isn't here."
Liz-"Okay. Fine. I'll go with you."
Isabel-"No, you have to cover for me."

Sheriff-"Address book! Evans, Evans....Guerin. Not a wide circle of friends."
Max-"Tess never had anyone but Nacedo."
Sheriff-"And you three."
Max-"Isabel was the only one she was really ever close to."
Sheriff-"How about you?"
Max-"It was too complicated."
Sheriff-"She wanted to jump your bones?"
Max-"Something like that."
Sheriff-"Screws things up everytime."
Max-"Happened to you?"
Sheriff-"Yeah...in my dreams."

Max-"What happened?"
Isabel-"It was Whittaker. She killed Nacedo."
Max-"It's okay."
Isabel-"No, it's not....it's not okay."
Max-"I guess you were right about Grant. I'm gonna have to trust your instincts."
Isabel-"I didn't know I was capable of this."
Max-"You're getting stronger. We all are."
Isabel-"Nacedo said we would."
Max-"We have to protect each other. What you did for Tess, I KNOW you would do for me. And I would do for you. No one can come between us!"
Isabel-"She said things."
Max-"What kind of things?"
Isabel-"Something about a granolith."

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