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Screen Caps


Caps will post larger than shown.

Liz-"I can't just go to a movie in the middle of the day, Maria."
Maria-"Tell her you've got a doctor's appointment."
Liz-"And anyway, I don't want to run into HIM anywhere. That's why I took this job."
Maria-"Him! Him! Him! Ever since you broke up he's become this pronoun instead of a person."
Liz-"Well, I don't miss kissing a pronoun as much."

Liz-"We've got a problem."
Max-"I know. Tess is missing."
Maria-" OH, BOOHOO ! sorry.
Liz-"She's missing?"
Michael-"Isabel had a vision that she's in trouble."
Maria-"That's weird."
Liz-"Well, here's something else weird. Whittaker's been taping my phone conversations at work. I found the CD. But the thing is...how come she hasn't busted me yet?"