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Screen Caps

Summer of 47

The caps will post larger than shown.

Hal-"Tough day following orders?"
Richie-"I'm a coward, Hal. Don't rub it in."
Hal-"You're drunk."
Richie-"And don't expect any more than that from me."

Hal-"What's wrong, Richie?"
Richie-"You were right. I saw stuff. I heard what their plans were. But....I was a good soldier. I'll learn to live with it. I'm not proud of myself. Makes you wonder if I'm on the right side. Are we on the right side, Hal?"
Hal-"It's gonna be okay. We've got friends. We've got people who want to know the truth just as much as we do. And by tomorrow, the world will be one step closer to it."
Richie-"By tomorrow?"
Hal-"Check the morning paper. It'll be there. Now, you want a ride home?"

Hal-"Where's Cassidy?"
Richie-"I'm holding down the fort."
Hal-"Did you know about this? Did you?"
Richie-"It was classified information."
Hal-"You sold me out!"
Richie-"I had orders. I didn't have a choice."
Hal-"Well thanks for being such a pal, Dick!"
Richie-"Sign the letter, Hal, and make this easy. Pack your things.
Take the honorable discharge."
Hal-"You will have to drag me off this base."
Richie-"You always were a punk, Carver.
Why couldn't you be a lazy self-centered son a of a bitch this time?"
(Hal slugs Richie)
Richie-"A lot of people are very very upset. They wanted to get rid of you
but I convinced them to treat you like one of us.
Sign the resignation, Hal or they're gonna change their minds and take it one step farther."
Hal-"I hope you enjoy your white picket fences, Richie, cause you sure as hell earned them."

Michael-"Hey, have seen Max?"
Liz-"Oh, Michael. Uh...no. He said something about stopping by the Crashdown later."
Michael-"You okay?"
Liz-"Me? Yeah. Sure. Why?"
Michael-"Well, the whole Congresswoman Whittaker thing. We'll work it out."
Liz-"Yeah. I know."
Michael-"And...And this morning - Yeah, I'm sorry."
Liz-"Thank you. Did Max ask you to do that?"
Liz-"The whole being nice thing."
Michael-"No. I came up with it myself."
Liz-"I like it."

Previews for the End of the World!
"Max Evans returns from 14 years in the future - with a startling request"

FutureMax-"I need YOU to help ME fall out of love with YOU!"

"Our lives depend on it."

Jason Behr in two unforgettable roles.