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Screen Caps

Summer of 47

The caps will post larger than shown.

Michael-"Did Nacedo ever mention a rock collection?"
Max-"We'll come back after school."

Liz-"Oh, Max...Look...I don't know what to do. Calls keep coming in to Congresswoman Whittaker's office. Should I return them? Or....."
Michael-"Not now!"
Liz-"We'll talk in trig."
Max-" You know, MEAN PEOPLE SUCK!!"

VOICEOVER - HAL CARVER "Richard was a good guy, really he was. He was a buddy of mine who worked in the office. He had a tendency to get his skivvies all up in a bunch."

Richie-"Next time you need a candy bar, maybe you can wait til after the mission.
Holy......! Jiminey Christmas !!"

Richie-"They weren't glowing!"
Richie-"I wasn't seeing things."
Hal-"You should have asked what they were."
Richie-"Before or after Captain Cassidy bawled us out for being 15 minutes late? We need to wait and see if they're friendly."

Hal-"The hell with that. We should be in the air right now, blasting whatever dropped those things to kingdom come!"
Richie-"This isn't a John Wayne picture. When it's time to act, they'll tell us.
Your round. I'm going to the head."

Betty-"Hall Carver. This is Yvonne White. She's a nurse at the base."
Yvonne-"Thanks for meeting me."
Hal-"What is this?"
Betty-"Yvonne came to me because she saw things. Things she can't explain. So, I thought between the two of you....."
Hal-"I'm sorry, ma'am. It was very nice to meet you but I can't stay."

Hal-"Yvonne, this is Hal carver from earlier today. Maybe we should talk without that damn reporter around."
Yvonne-"I can't. I've been transferred to London. I'm catching a bus at the airport tonight."
Hal-"Wait there."

Yvonne-"Two cadavers, just like this."
Hal-"Who's running this show?"
Yvonne-"Doctors I've never seen before. They pulled me in to help with the autopsy. There's no way these things were mammal.
The epidermis, the hands, the organ; they were nothin' I'd ever seen."
Hal-"No one would tell you what you saw?"
Yvonne-"Afterwards, some high ranking general from Wright Field debriefed me. Said I couldn't talk about it."
Hal-"Then why did you call Betty?"
Yvonne-"She wanted to listen. I can't sleep, Captain. I want to get as far away from Roswell as possible and try and forget I was ever here."
Hal-"Good luck then."

Richie-"What's going on, Hal?"
Hal-"Just a little inventory for Cassidy."
Richie-"I'm sorry. This area's off limits without proper security clearance."
Hal-"Which you seem to have."
Richie-"The assignment landed in my lap, okay?"
Hal-"Then let me take a look."
Richie-"There's nothing to see."
Hal-"Richie, every person on this base; every radio station and newspaper says this whole thing is because of a downed weather balloon. You and I both know better. Now, I've seen the classified reports and they prove....."
Richie-"You have to leave."
Hal-"What are you more afraid of? What you know or what they're keeping from us?"
Richie-"I can't go down that roads with you, Hal. I'm sorry. Just let me do my job. Captain Carver is done here."