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Roswell Screen Caps

Skin and Bones

Liz-"So, I never really got the whole story. Why are we looking for these bones?
What exactly is Cadmium X?"
Max-"It's an isotope of Cadmium that might have been created when Michael killed Pierce."
Liz-"Oh, so it's like some sort of after-effect of Michael using his powers?"
Max-"Something like that. And if we don't get the bones before they're able to test for Cadmium X, Michael is screwed. We all are."
Liz-"Well, did you check the particle physics lab at Las Cruses University?"
Liz-"It opened up last year. The teacher spent 2 weeks in Physics obsessing about it last semester. The new cyclotron can measure isotope ratios. So if the Cadmium X is extraterrestrial, that's where you could go to find it out. I'm not a dork. I just enjoy science."

Nacedo-"Did you find anything?"
Max-"The bones are gonna be delivered tomorrow morning to the University in Las Cruses."
Nacedo-"I'll be there."
Max-"So, did you have a good time distracting the Congresswoman?"
Nacedo-"No comment. How have you and Tess been getting along?"
Max-"Well, I haven't performed any mating rituals, if that's what you're asking."
Nacedo-"You heard your destiny. You heard it with your own ears."
Max-"I just want to get Michael out of jail and get back to my life.
I'm not a king and we're not at war."
Nacedo-"You're the boss - I'd just be careful not to confuse
what you want to be true with what really is true."