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Roswell Screen Caps

Skin and Bones

Nacedo-"Sheriff Valenti. Welcome to the ever burgeoning "I know an alien club." You called me here. I assume it's important."
Liz-"Isn't murder what got you into this situation to begin with?"
Nacedo-"My job is to protect the royal 4.
Their survival is critical to the survival of and entire race."
Max-"No one's gonna die. Killing people isn't gonna solve anything."
Nacedo-"Oh my - A pacifist for a king! Shall we just commit joint suicide right now or shall we wait for our enemies to show up and have a nice boxed lunch of us?"
Max-"We're not killing anyone. That's an order!"
Nacedo-"As you wish."

Max-"DAMN IT !"
Liz-"That's why it's not all over."
Max-"It can be. These are just bones that somebody dug up....pieces of the past. If I can just fix it, it can all be over. Things can go back to how they were."
Liz-"I don't think they can."