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Roswell Screen Caps

Max to the Max

Max-"Liz, it's me."
Liz-"Who is this?"
Max-" It's me,Max. I don't know who you're with, but we're at the Crashdown. Tell us where you are. Liz? Liz?"
[N/Max takes the phone and listens]
Max-"Liz, are you there? It's Max."
N/Max-"Now you know!"

Max-"We've got to find out where they are. We've got to go to Valenti. I don't care what we say, Liz's life is at stake. Valenti is the only one with the resources. He could put out an APB. He can contact other towns."
Isabel-"If we tell him, he'll know everything."
Max-"I don't care anymore."
Michael-" You can't make this decision by yourself, Max. Not his time."
Isabel-"We all have to agree."
Max-"Since when? Weren't you the one who went off with Topolsky by yourself? Liz's life is in danger and suddenly we've got rules."

N/Max-"Hello, FBI? Yes,Agent Pierce, please. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, I know, there's no Agent Piece. Just let him know that I left him a little clue on Highway 380 to Hondo. Near mile marker 67."
Liz-"Are you going to kill me too?"
N/Max-"Not as long as I still need you."
Liz-"Do you have to be Max?"
N/Max-'Oh, I like it. Being him. Being 17. I don't think you'd have been as friendly to Ed Harding."
Liz-"That was you?"
N/Max-"I've been a lot of different people you don't even know about. But right now, Max Evans is my most important role."
N/Max-"Because I'm the bait. Pierce is looking for Max and I'm going to draw him to me."

Liz-"So why do you even need me?"
N/Max-"You're my collateral; my hostage."
Liz-"What kind of hostage am I? Pierce would just kill me>"
N/Max-"Oh, there's a thought. Actually, he wouldn't. See, he knows what Max did to you at the Crashdown that day. He wants you alive. You see, he needs answers. You could come in extremely handy in terms of my survival, and even if you don't, you've been fantastic company. Time to leave another clue."