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Roswell Screen Caps

Max to the Max


N/Max-"Where's the pea? Pick one. PICK ONE ! Don't believe everything you see."

Liz-"What are we doing here?"
N/Max-"We're waiting for Pierce to connect the dots."
Liz-"And when he gets here, what are you going to do to him? You know, and then you won't need me anymore, right? God, don't you think Max is already on his way to find me?"
N/Max-"Now why would he be doing that?"

Liz-"Because he cares about me. But you don't understand that, do you? You don't..... you don't care about anyone."
N/Max-" All I care about is protecting them. No one else matters."

Liz-" I don't believe you."
N/Max-"It's true. *** and Max were made to be together."
Liz-"But you don't even know what Max and I have. You know, ever since he saved my life at the Crashdown, he changed me. We saw into each other's souls."

Max-"He's leading Pierce right to Liz. Let's go. Yes, we can. He's going to get to Liz if we don't get there first. I can't take that chance. I'm not going to let anything happen to Liz."