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Roswell Screen Caps

Max in the City
(Journey to New York)

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Larek-"Well. Max. Have you made your decision?"
Max-"Yes, I have and the answer is 'No'. I will not give up the granolith to you. Not to you, not to Kivar, not to anyone. It was entrusted to me."
Micholas-"You're all witnesses. Kivar tried to be reasonable. Tried to extend the had of peace and had it slapped away. Our business is at an end here. Our offers are withdrawn."
Larek-"You don't remember any of this, I'm sure, but our families used to be very close. You and I practically grew up together. I was there at your father's funeral, at your coronation, your wedding. We were friends. It was so painful to watch you fall - To see you trying so hard to make a better world for your people. And to watch you have it all taken away by a man like Kivar. I told you that you were trying to do too much too soon. That change takes time. But you wouldn't listen - You just kept on.................What's the point? It's all ancient history now. What a shame it is to see history repeat itself."

Isabel-"Damn it! It's not working. I can't reach him."
Michael-"Yeah, but you've gotta try it again."
Isabel-"It's no good. He's not hearing me."
Liz-"Okay,um so what's Plan B?"
Isabel-"There isn't one."
Ava-"Liz can do it."
Lz-"What? What are you talking about?"
Ava-"Max brought you back form the dead. You've been changed."
Liz-"What do you mean by changed?"
Ava-"Look, there ain't enough time to explain. You've just gotta trust me here. If Max brought you back, then you're different now."
Isabel-"Liz, take my hand."
Liz-"I don't know why but I'm really scared to do this. You know, if you can't contact him, what makes you think I can?"
Isabel-"I know my brother and I know that if there is one voice he will hear, no matter where he is ; no matter what he's doing, it's yours. Take my hand, Liz."

Rath-"What's up with you? You just threw away our only chance of getting home."
Rath-"Hey, who do you think you are, making big time decisions for Lonnie and me? You think you're the man, is that it?"
Max-"That's right! I AM the man!"
Rath-"Okay - you're The Man. Screw Nicholas....Screw 'em all."
Lonnie-"Screw 'em tight. We'll find another way home."

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