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Roswell Screen Caps

Max in the City
(Journey to New York)

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Max-"This is a mistake."
Max-"I mean the whole thing - coming here - to this city? Rath? Lonnie? It's a mistake."
Max-"What do I know about war and peace and politics? I'm gonna blow it. I'm gonna sir down at this meeting and I'm gonna meet these people and they're gonna look at me and they're gonna see this...this kid from New Mexico who hasn't got a clue...................And, Is this car slowing down? Are we slowing down?"
***** Max-"I'm the king of the world."

Max-"You wanna watch where you're hittin' those things?"
Rath-"Do I?"
Max-"I wanna talk about the summit - when? where? What kind of......."
Rath-"Chill, Duke. All in good time."
Max-"The time is now."
Rath-"You flexin' on me?"
Lonnie-"Boys! Don't make me get off this couch!"

Maria-"Girlfriend, we need to have a talk. There's....you've got a very serious problem."
Maria-"Uh-a very vicious rumor is going around about you in school. And I mean I shouldn't make a bigger deal about it than it is because I know we can take care of it but it's just like everybody's talking about it."
Maria-"Okay..the word is that you and Kyle slept together. I know - it's so humiliating - I know, I just can't imagine who made it up."
Liz-"Um - it's true."
Maria-"What? No iz, the rumor is that you and Kyle Valenti slept together as in like sexually."
Liz-"I know and it's true."
Maria-"Okay, you lost your virginity to Kyle? I mean, that is a revelation and I don't know what that's about - but why didn't you tell me?"
Liz-"I was embarrassed."
Maria-"That is such a completely unacceptable answer for you to give me, your best friend in the entire world."
Liz-"I didn't want to talk about it."
Maria-"Why? Why didn't you want to talk about it? Did he like hurt you or something? Was this like a date rape?"
Liz-"No, no. It was nothing like that, okay? I was just upset about Max. And, you know, Kyle was there for me and we were close at one point and one thing led to another. And we............................."
Maria-"And you didn't tell me?"

Rath-"You got it together?"
Emissary-"Sign here, your highness!"
Rath-"So, so you really are the king?"
Max-"It's a - it's a time card. The emissary works for a temp agency?"
Rath-"Duke, the emissary never left his crib. That body that walked outta here works for a temp agency."
Rath-"A vessel, you know, a puppet. The alien emissary, far away on another planet, well, her on this planet reaches out with his mind, takes control of a human. Human walks around like a puppet, doing whatever the emissary wants him to do."
Max-"Like he's possessed?"
Rath-"Yeah, possession. Doin' the Linda Blair. You know, human dude never knows what happened to him. Thinks he's been frickin' abducted."
Max-"I still don't understand why?"
Rath-"Lonnie'll give you the 411 later. Now, you should be celebrating."
Max-"I should?"
Rath-"You passed, man. You're the frickin' king. Which means you just earned a slice of the best pizza in New York and I'm buyin'."

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