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Roswell Screen Caps

Leaving Normal

"HI..it's Max..I'm not here right now,but please leave a message."
Liz-"Hi Max...it's Liz. I'm at the hospital. Something happened to my grandmother. We don't know if it's serious, but it seems really bad. I'm just scared. Look, I don't even know why I'm calling you. I guess I just wanted to hear your voice or something. Now I just feel completely stupid. Look, don't come here or anything because everyone is here. I'll just see you in school tomorrow. Sorry for the weird call. Bye."

Liz-"My grandmother just had a stroke."
Max-"Oh, I'm sorry....how are you doing, you okay?"
Liz-"Yeah,thanks...everyone, this is Max."

Liz-" Max, hey."
Max-"Hey, how's your grandmother?"
Liz-"We're waiting, but I think she's going to be okay. Imean, if anyone can pull through this, it's her. She's so full of life. I was thinking that when she gets better, I'd really love for you to meet her."
Max-"I hope she's okay." ,br> Liz-"So, about last night?"
Max-"Yeah, I shouldn't have come. You told me."