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Roswell Screen Caps

Leaving Normal

"It's October 19th. I'm Liz Parker and this is what I've been thinking.
Can life ever go back to normal?"

Liz-"It's an orthodontist convention."
Liz-"So, are you waiting for Michael or.."
Max-"No, no."

Max-"I'll have an Alien Blast."
Liz-"Me too."
Max-"Excuse me?"
Liz-"Nothing...ok, one Alien Blast."

Liz-"What happened to your face?"
Max-"I fell."
Liz-"Are you okay?"
Liz-"When did this happen? It looks really bad."
Max-"Yesterday. Uh, look. I got to get going. I have an English midterm.Bye."

Grandma-"Well, not every relationship has to be the end all and be all."
Liz-"Right..it doesn't?"
Grandma-"No....everybody wants to find her soul mate, but there's so much time for that. I think it's nice
that you have somebody you can have fun with."
Liz-"What if there was something else?"
Grandma-" Something else?"
Liz-"Someone else."
Grandma-"Now, this was worth the price of the airfare."
Liz-"What if this someone else could potentially be...you know,what you said."
Grandma-"Is there?"
Liz-"But what if it were like complicated...like incredibly,incredibly complicated?" Grandma-"Well, one thing I can tell you...if it isn't complicated,
he probably isn't a soul mate."