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Roswell Screen Caps

Into the Woods

Max-"Always be prepared."
Liz-"Well, contrary to what some people might think, gambling is not a dental hygiene alternative."
Max-"Liz,wait.....Is this the way things are gonna be between us from now on?"
Liz-"I think you were the one that wanted it this way."
Max-"No, I didn't. I wanted us...to slow down, not screech to a halt."

Liz-"Well, then, you should let me in, Max. You know, I know what's going on, I've been....I have been waiting for you to be the one to bring it up, but you don't. You're here because of the sighting, max."
Max-"Please, no one else can know."
Liz-"I know you think that..that we shouldn't be together and maybe you're right, but you made me a part of this..."

Max-"Go back right now!"
Liz-"Max, this matters to me, too. Don't leave me out of this,Max...please!"

Liz-"Well, are you staying here or coming with?"
Maria-"You're going with them?"
Liz-"Make up your mind, Maria. I've made up mine."
Maria-"You can't let go of him, can you?"
Liz-"I don't want to."

Max-"Can't outrun them. They're too fast."
Isabel-"What are we gonna do?"
Max-"I don't know."
Liz-"You guys just keep going."
Liz-"Maria and I'll stay here and just let them catch us."

Max-"Liz, no!"
Liz-"No, Max. It's all right. We'll just say that we got lost in the woods. This is too important. Keep going."
Max-"Are you sure?"
Liz-"Yeah. The important thing is that you find what you're looking for."
Max-"I will."
Liz-"All right. Go. Isabel, go. Go!"