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Roswell Screen Caps

Into the Woods

Max-"Um, thanks. Haven't seen you in a couple of days."
Liz-"I... uh, it's been kinda busy."
Maria-"Actually, she means she's been kinda busy, we've both...been kinda busy."
Michael- [looking at her aqua bra] "Yeah, I can see that."
Maria-"You know, getting ready for the big weekend."
Max-"You have a big weekend?"
Maria-"Dates. We have dates. With men!"
Maria-"These college guys that we've met during the winter break, and they're taking us out for dinner...an expensive dinner."

Max- "Great. Well, have a good time."

Liz-"He's gonna find out. They're going alphabetically, Maria."
Coach-"Kalinowski. Parker."
Max-"No, uh, expensive dinner?"