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Roswell Screen Caps


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T. Greer-"It appears our long search for the royal 4 has finally ended. How convenient of you to deliver yourselves to us."
Max-"She's not one of us. Let her go!"
CW Mom-"She's a human who knows too much. It's a darn shame cause she's awful cute."

T. Greer-"You must be the once and future king. You won't remember me but I remember you. This is a moment I've waited for for a long time."
[green shield goes up] T. Greer-"How long do you think you can hold out against all of us?" Max-"As long as I have to."

Max-"We've gotta go… NOW !"
Maria-"We're way ahead of you, Boss!"

Liz's journal entry by sandman!!

Previews for Wipeout!

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