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Roswell Screen Caps


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Mom-"You must be so tired and hungry after that long drive. Come on in the house. I wanna make you something to eat."
Dad-"I guess you're THE MAN in charge!"

Max-"Liz! Liz, what are you doing? We agreed none of us would go anywhere alone."

Liz-"Max, look, there just...there's nothing left to say."
Max-"Except the truth."
Liz-"We have already been through this."
Max-"So far all I know is what I saw, and what I saw can't be true because it means that everything I felt in my heart for the last year is a lie. Now you owe me an explanation and I want it right now!!"

Liz-"Please quit shouting, Max......You're scaring me!"
Max-"That's a lie too. You're not scared. You're hiding something."
Liz-"I'm not."
Max-"What the hell is going on with you, Liz? We never lie to each other. Never kept a secret from each other."

Liz-"You know you have got me up on this pedestal, Max. And....I'm not this perfect person. I made a mistake. Look, Kyle and I made love. The end. I'm sorry."

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