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Roswell Screen Caps

End of the World

The Caps will post larger than shown.

FMax-"You're supposed to be breaking up with him - not kissing him."
Liz-"No, you kissed me. I mean...he kissed me."
FMax-"You're only making me love you more."
Liz-"I just said 'no' to Gomez."
FMax-"You said 'no' the last time too. I didn't take 'no' for an answer."
Liz-"So we went to the concert?"
FMax-"No, the night of Gomez, I came to your room.
That's the night that things between us were cemented."
Liz-"Cemented? So....you say...cemented? You......"
FMax-"We made love."
Liz-"No, no we didn't."
Liz-"No, I have no intention of making love to you
or anyone else at this particular stage of my life."
FMax-"I beg to differ."
Liz-"No! Making love to you is the fartherest thing from my mind.
I.. I....I......I don't even have protection."
FMax-"I did."
Liz-"Oh...That's great! There you are Saint Max was just walking around with a condom in his back pocket. I don't even care what happened in your reality. I am not making love to you or anyone until I'm ready and I'm just not ready."
FMax-"Liz, I'm telling you what happened. And we have to change that. We have to! And so far, we've failed. Liz, its not just Max that's the problem here. You are. You are not letting yourself change. And you have to do something before it's too late."

Max-"This is a surprise."
Liz-"It isn't what you think."

Liz-"No! I can do it. Can you put a shirt on, please? Thank you."
Liz-"Don't say anything, okay? Um, because I came here with this whole speech and once you start talking, my speech doesn't apply and everything is changed and I just want to make sure I say everything to you. So don't say anything, please."
Liz-"Just don't say anything. I just reread Romeo and Juliet and you know, the first thing I realized is that isn't even the title. It's called The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. They die. She's this young girl. She's younger than me and she dies. But, I think the reason why people think it's such a romantic play is they don't know what it's like to be put in that position. But when your life and other people's lives are put at risk,
there isn't anything romantic about it.

Max, you can't stop what's happening to you. I mean your life will always be dangerous but my life, it doesn't have to be. My life is only in danger if I am with you. I want to be in love with boys...normal boys. I want to see my 21st birthday. I want to have a wedding day. I want to have children. And I want my children to be safe. You know, Max, if you truly love me you'll let me go. I may love you but I don't want to die for you."

Maria-"You just want to tell me that it's going to work out, right?"
Max-"No - I want to hear what you have to say."
Maria-"Okay. Here's what I think. Give Liz up. Leave her alone. All this is leading nowhere and none of us belong with any of you. And I'm really sick of how much it's screwing us up. I mean look at us- we're pathetic."

Liz-"What's happening?"
FMax-"This must be it. What you did must have worked. I'm leaving."
Liz-"Oh, so you're just...you're just going back to where you came from?"
FMax-"No, there's no one to go back to."

Maria-"You're not there? Are you?
Max-"I can't help it. I love her. What can I say?"
Maria-"You're hopeless."

FMax-"It didn't work. We have to do something else."
Liz-"No. I can't."
FMax-"You have to."
Liz-"Do you know how hard it was for me to tell him that I didn't want to die for him? He's the only reason that I'm alive right now.
You...you've got to come up with another plan. Please go to someone else.
I can't do this anymore."
FMax-"Liz, 25 minutes before I came here, I held Michael in my arms...dead. Isabel died two weeks before that. You have to do this. You have to find a way.
All of our lives depend on it."
Liz-"How? What can I do that's going to make you turn away from me?"
FMax-"I don't know."