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Roswell Screen Caps

End of the World

The Caps will post larger than shown.

FMax-"I won't leave you !"
FLiz-"No, no,no no Max - you have to!"
FMax-"If I'm successful; if I can do this. You know I won't exist, not as we do now."
FLiz-"Max, if you don't do this, we're gonna die -everyone will. Max, you have to do this. You have to try it."
FMax-"I'll never see you again."
FMax-"Thank you."
FLiz-"For what?"
FMax-"For every kiss, every smile."
FLiz-"Max, I don't have any regrets."

FLiz-"Maaaax! Max!"

Madame Viviane-"I've never seen the cards fall like this before. The boy - he's different."
MV-"He's very....important, this boy, a leader."
Liz-"Yeah, he has this whole other destiny. One that doesn't include me."
MV-"No, he chooses love."
MV-"He chooses you."
Liz-"No,no,no,no...that's impossible."
MV-"The reading is clear. You marry your true love.
You have happiness. This card here - intimacy - sex. You will not be left wanting."

Liz-"I, Liz Parker take Max Evans to be my......"

Liz-"No, no. I don't know who you are but you...you're NOT Max."
FMax-"Liz, I know this is all hard to believe."
Liz-"Well, what do you expect me to believe?
That the granolith is like some kind of time machine?"
FMax-"It wasn't intended to be but it does have an enormous amount of power and we were able to modify it to artificially create a tear in time space...."
Liz-"No! There is no such thing as time travel,okay? Because it's against every rule of physics, of reality, of everything."
FMax-"Look, I realize this is overwhelming."
Liz-"No, you..you're not Max, okay? You..you're like a shapeshifter. You're like some other kind of alien with the ability to look like Max with that beard and those, those gray hairs."
FMax-"Do you really see gray?"
Liz-"That isn't funny, okay?"

FMax-"Hold on!"
Liz-"No, let go of me!"
FMax-"Liz. Liz. It's me!"
Liz-"Please. Just let go of me."
FMax-"If I were a shape shifter, there's no way O could tell the future. In approximately 10 seconds, I will show up outside your window and begin singing to you
accompanied by a mariachi band."
Liz-"A mariachi band? Max would never do anything that cheesy." FMax-"3..2..1"
FMax-"I said approximately. I spent a week learning the lyrics from Mr. Delgado at the hardware store. [softly-Es de es sennete]