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Roswell Screen Caps

Disturbing Behavior

Aired February 5, 2001

Liz-"It looks like they're alien versions of negaria filari...waterborn parasites found in certain species of fish."
Max-"Parasites? That implies they need something to feed on....like an arm."
Liz-"Maybe. But you said they didn't affect you."
Max-"Well, I got the feeling I didn't taste good or something."
Liz-"Then they didn't react when Sheriff Valenti picked them up?"
Liz-"Sounds like they're not interested in terrestrial organisms."
Max-"Except Laurie. They formed on her gravesite."

Liz-"So, maybe there's something unique about her. Something the parasites are looking for...or could be something unique about her gravesite. It's in Frazier Woods, right?"

Liz-"Isabel. Hi, it's Liz. We need you to do something."

Liz-"Okay.......this is a map of the water table for the entire county."
Max-"It looks like a bunch of, uh, rivers."
Liz-"Yeah, that's basically it. The water flows from one area to another through a system of underground rivers and streams......Frazier Woods."
Isabel-"So, the stream passes right under the gravesite."
Max-"Let's see the rest of that stream."
Liz-"You know what that is? It's Pullman Ranch!"
Isabel-"The crashsite."
Liz-"Yeah. The stream passes right beneath it."

Max-"That means that the parasites might have been on our ship."
Liz-"Somebody kidnaps a girl and buries her in the ground so a bunch of alien parasites can.........I mean, do what to her? We don't know. And how does he know about these parasites? Is he human or is he alien? Are these things dangerous to normal people in Roswell?"
Isabel-"Okay, where do we go from here, Max?"
Max-"I've absolutely no idea."
Liz-"We need help. I wish you guys could just phone home."
Isabel-"Wouldn't that be nice?"

Brody-"Max, could you.........? Oh, Hello !"
Max-"Sorry. We were, uh, just using some equipment for a science project. I hope you don't mind?"
Brody-"No, of course not. Can you let me know when you're done?"
Max-"We won't be long."

Isabel-"Max, didn't you say there was an alien at the summit that reached out with his mind and possessed Brody's body?"
Isabel-"What if that connection goes both ways? What if we can send a signal back through Brody?"

Brody-"I've been put under hypnosis before. It's never helped me remember anything about my experience."
Isabel-"This will be different. I have a gift. Um. I'm a little psychic."
Brody-"Come on !?"
Liz-"You believe in aliens but you don't believe in psychic phenomenon?"
Brody-"I was abducted by aliens. I know they exist."
Isabel-"I know my gift exists."
Max-"Aren't you at least curious?"
Brody-"Okay. So what do we do?"
Isabel-"Relax. Close your eyes. Clear your mind. Give me your hand. This won't hurt."
Brody-"I just wanna warn you, the last time I was put through this, I was a very difficult subject. I just don't want you to be too disappointed when............................................................................"

Larek-"You shouldn't have done that!"
Larek-"Larek ! This body has not been prepared for communication. It's heart has stopped. It may restart once I've released him. What is it you want?"
Max-"We need your help. We think that some form of parasite was released in out earth's ecosystem when our ship crashed 50 years ago. We think they're dangerous."
Larek-"When you say parasite, do you mean the Gandarium from your ship escaped into the ecosystem?"
Max-"I don't know. It looks like blue crystals."
Larek-"Earth is in serious trouble. You must leave now!"

Max-"What are you talking about?"
Larek-"Earth has become infected. You're no longer safe there. Get off the planet...now !"

Isabel-"Oh God, No! Max!"
Brody-"What happened?"
Max-"You fainted."
Isabel-"So sorry. I had no idea."
Max-"You sure you're all right?"

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