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Roswell Screen Caps

Disturbing Behavior

Aired February 5, 2001

Max-"Where are you?"
Isabel-"How is she? God, the whole state's gonna be looking for her, Michael. You can't come back to Roswell."
Max-"We can use any information we can get about the crystals. Try and get her talking."

Isabel-"Are you getting anywhere?'
Max-"I think we're dealing with some kind of alien bacterium...or something."
Isabel-"Maybe you should ask your lab partner - she's the science whiz."
MAx-"I'm trying to keep Liz out of this right now."

Alex-"So, they're driving around aimlessly with a fugitive in the car?"
Isabel-"No. No, she's not a fugitive. She's just wanted by the law."
Alex-"Interesting distinction."
Isabel-"Anyway, they're gonna be gone for a couple of days, so we've gotta cover for them."

Liz-"I'm certain Maria is fine."
Amy-"She called. She went camping again."
Liz-"Oh. See. I knew it!"
Amy-"Liz, I consider you a friend and an extended member of this family and I value the friendship you have with my daughter very much. But.....if you don't tell me everything you know about where the hell she is, I'm gonna become very violent with you."

Liz-"Ms. DeLuca - She's fine. She's with Michael."
Amy-"I knew it !"
Liz-"But they're just getting away. You know, they're taking in the scenery."
Amy-"All right. Give me your phone."
Amy-"Hand it over. She shut her phone off and I'm sure she'll be turning it back on to call you again and when she does, I'll be here with you to receive that call. You can sit down. You're not going anywhere til I get my daughter back."

Amy-"Uh, Hi Max."
Max-"Hi. Uh, is Liz here?"
Amy-"You're not planning to take her across state lines, are you?"
Max-"No ?!"
Amy-"Then yeah, she's here."

Max-"I need your help with something.....science homework."

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