Roswell Screen Caps

Blood Brothers

Liz-"Yeah...when I saw you in that car, I thought you were....It was like I couldn't breathe,you know?"
Max-"I never got a chance to thank you for what you did at the hospital."
Liz-"It was Alex who did it. He really came through. He always does. Max?"
Max-"We can't...tell him."
Liz-"I know."

Max-"But we have to tell him something."
Liz-"You mean lie."
Max-"Isabel saw him talking to Kyle today."
Liz-"He saved your life Max."
Max-'Look, I know it's hard but please..."
Liz-"I already told him that it was drugs..over at the hospital."
Max-"Did he believe you?"
Liz-"I think so."
Max-"Liz, I'm so sorry."

Liz-'I guess these are the things you do when....when you feel a certain way about someone."
Max-"I guess."
"Moments. It's amazing how one can just change things so radically. How a wild horse deciding to cross the road at that exact time could be responsible for Max being discovered. I need one more moment now. One more chance to change direction, to stop something bad from turning into something worse."