Roswell Screen Caps

Blood Brothers

Liz-"This is so cool."
Max-"It's the old highway.My dad used to take this when we drove to Albuquerque."
Liz-"I never even knew this place existed."
Max-"I just thought we should do something, you know? Something normal, for once. Things have been so..."
Liz-"Yeah. I know, insane."
Liz-"Oh, my God. I love this song."
Max-"Me too."

"Have you ever had a moment when you're with the one person in the world you want to be with and the wind is blowing through your hair and the song that just describes your entire soul happens to come on, and then the person that you want to be with happens to love the same song and suddenly you realize you're listening to it together? And no matter how crazy your life has gotten, there's this one moment...this perfect moment...where you could just say that no matter what happens, nothing can take this moment away from me..."