Roswell Screen Caps

Blind Date

Kyle-"Let's be brutally honest with each other here, shall we? You and Liz are in love?"
Max- "No flies on you, Kyle."
Kyle-"Okay, so then why aren't you together?"
Max-"The problem is that I'm a serious, dark-haired mystery man from an exotic place."
Kyle-" But that's exactly what she wants."
Kyle-"Yeah, go figure."

Max-"It's a symbol of my love. This is where I blew it with her.
So, this is where I'll make things right.
Max-"Done !"
Kyle-"Nice,nice. Girls always like meaningful stuff like that. I suck at that.
So, tell me. Does it really get you farther?"
Max-"What do you mean?"
Kyle-"You know….farther? All right, listen, I'll tell you if you'll tell me.
How far did you and Liz get?"

Max-"We saw into each other's souls"
[He sighs] Max-"How about you?"
Kyle-"Second base."
Max-"Well, we can't win em all."