Roswell Screen Caps

Blind Date

Max-"We didn't break up, Kyle."
Kyle-"Max. Max. Max, don't lie to yourself like that."
Max-"We really didn't break up because we were never together."
Kyle-"She really did a number on you, didn't she? But I've come to realize that's her pattern. She's a man-eater. And I pity the goon that the radio fixes her up with 'cause she's gonna fall in love and the hunger begins all over again."

DJ-"You mean to tell me you don't already have a boyfriend?"
Liz-"No, not right now."
DJ-"Well, whoever let you get away will be kicking himself when you're out on your dream date on Friday night. Now, answer some questions for me, Liz. Do you like blondes or brunettes?"
Liz-"Uh,brunettes." DJ-"Okay,hometown boys or out-of-towners?"
Liz-"Well, um…hometown boys are okay, but…."
DJ-"I hear the sound of broken hearts all over Roswell. Brainiac or class clown?"
Liz-"Yeah, I'm not into clowns."
DJ-"Open books or challenges?"
Liz-"Yeah, I guess I'm always up for a challenge."
DJ-"It sounds like we've gotta find you a serious,dark-haired mystery man from an exotic place by Friday night. Is Liz Parker's Mr. Right listening out there?"

Liz-"What are you doing here, Max?"
Max-"I couldn't just let you find another guy. I love you,Liz. I'll always love you."